Interpreting Dreams And Visions


Dreams and visions are important because God uses these times when we are finally quiet, to speak to us in symbols and through the meanings of names. Katie Souza teaches important keys to getting your soul healed through “unpacking” your dreams and how to include dreams and visions to your soul-healing tool belt. For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown


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You will learn how to position yourself to receive dreams and visions and uncover anything that might be blocking you from remembering your dreams. Learn how to understand these messages from God, and see how dreams can show the connection between soul wounds and physical illness. Katie also teaches how to interact with your dreams so you can receive healing miracles in your body and every area of your life!
Size Small, Medium & Large
Color Pink & White
Waist 26 cm
Length 40 cm
Chest 33 inches
Fabric Cotton, Silk & Synthetic
Warranty 3 Months
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