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You were created to be blessed, to know the very best that God has to offer all the days of your life. If you have been living in a place of lack, hardship, or frustration, it is time to shift into the Blessing Zone and know the goodness of God in every area of your life!


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In this powerful book, author, speaker and TV host Patricia King shares divine secrets of how you can step out of simply living day-to-day and step into THE ZONE!

As you read you will learn:
  • You were created to be blessed!
  • How to magnetize yourself to draw blessings to you!
  • How to turn challenges and mistakes into your greatest successes!
  • How to create abundance in your life!
  • The secret to establishing a blessing perimeter all around you!
  • Powerful scriptural decrees that will unlock God's goodness for you! And much more!
When you live in the BLESSING ZONE, you are blessed in everything you put your hands to. Your health is blessed. Your finances are blessed. Your family is blessed. Your work is blessed. Your relationships are blessed. Blessings come upon you and overtake you. Curses flee from you. Would you enjoy living in such a realm of bliss? You can! Don't settle for other zones any longer. Step out zones of lack, zones of mediocrity, zones of just-okay, zones of curses and step into the BLESSING ZONE! About the Author Patricia King is president of XP Ministries and co-founder of, Inc. She has been a pioneering voice in ministry, with over 30 years of background as a Christian minister in conference speaking, prophetic service, church leadership, and television & radio appearances. Patricia has written numerous books, produced many CDs and DVDs, hosts the TV program 'Patricia King-Everlasting Love,' and is the CEO of a number of businesses. Patricia's reputation in the Christian community is world-renowned.
Size Small, Medium & Large
Color Pink & White
Waist 26 cm
Length 40 cm
Chest 33 inches
Fabric Cotton, Silk & Synthetic
Warranty 3 Months
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