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In the Midst Audio Series

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Have you ever wondered what the Bible means when it says, ‘in the midst?’ So did Katie! In this cutting-edge teaching, Katie brilliantly combines science, the word of God, and the supernatural to reveal how Jesus went in the midst to perform miracles– and we can too!

In this set, you will learn:

  • The Bible speaks on the fabric of Space-time, which NASA scientists have now proved exists.
  • Space-time fabric divides the temporal realm we live in from eternity.
  • How Jesus ripped this fabric, giving access to eternity.
  • How to gain the ability to travel to any place in time and space where diseases, curses, and disorders came upon your family line and get them healed at the root.
In the Midst Audio Series – CD Series

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In the Midst Audio Series – MP3 Series

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