Healing Clinics Complete Series


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These amazing teachings are packed full of healing activations, all aimed at dethroning the strongmen in your life. Katie teaches about many different strongmen, including King Balak, who desperately tried to curse Israel in the book of Numbers. Today, this same spirit is the strongman over every curse. The Bible says the causeless curse cannot alight, so when you are healed of every legal right you have in your soul, this strongman will be easily bound, and you will be able to break every single curse over your life!

In these three powerful resources, you will learn:

  • About Leviathan, and what not to do about him
  • Who the Bible calls the king over the children of pride
  • Who causes terminal diseases like cancer, along with strife and division
  • Individual and group activations that you can do at home to bring healing to your soul
  • How to have authority over every strongman
  • Practical hands-on training to accelerate healing
  • How to pray more effectively for yourself, your family, and those around you
  • And more!