Drenched 2

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Soaking is a vital necessity for soul healing, and with the tremendous response we had to the release of Drenched In The Spirit, Katie has put together three more soaks that we believe will especially bless you and assist you in your soul healing journey. Drenched 2 is sure to usher in breakthrough into every area of your life!

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Drenched 2

Grace Soak
Katie personally made this never-before released soak just for herself.  It is a compilation of grace Scriptures that will break you free from the spirit of the law of death and fill you with abundant life. Katie has discovered that grace is an actual power and a major key to combating the spirit of death, which causes so many destructive issues in our lives and bodies.

Communion for Your Soul
Katie became ill while visiting a pastor that she loves very much. When she asked God why she was always sick, but her pastor friend was not, God showed her the difference was that her friend was passionate about taking communion! Katie decided right then that she needed to understand communion. This powerful soaking CD will increase your soul healing exponentially. The music was created specially by Janie DuVall.

Miracles in the Night
Katie’s travel schedule and an auto accident left her not only with broken ribs, but feeling drained and exhausted. She needed a supernatural way to be healed, productive, and get recharged even while asleep! The Bible is full of examples of people receiving jaw-dropping visitations, deliverances, and miracles while they slept. If it worked for them and Katie, it will work for you! This soak includes anointed music by Janie DuVall.