Co: Powerful Partnerships in Marriage

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Couples of the past and present draw back the curtains, revealing different aspects of their marriages where they have tapped into the power of CO-. As co-heirs they walk together in power and confidence toward their destinies. You, too, can live a life of fulfillment with supernatural blessings in your marriage, family and zone of influence. Come and discover the richness of CO-! Featuring: Che & Sue Ahn, Joshua & Janet Mills, Bart & Kim Hadaway, Dr. Paul & Teri Looney, Steve and Marci Fish, Robert & Katie Souza.  


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Reviews I have longed for someone to write a book that teaches husbands and wives how they can live together as TWO powerful people. I was stunned by the practical application of how COreigning partners can empower each other to fulfill their own God-given destinies. As I read the Wilson s book, I had a crazy experience: the words of the manuscript emerged from the pages of this book and began to paint a beautiful portrait of intoxicated lovers wildly and passionately living together in celestial harmony. I had this sudden revelation that my own great 36-year marriage could take on a new heavenly dimension. I began to understand that CO- Powerful Partnerships in Marriage is not just another book about marriage. It s a tour guide into a spiritual three-cord union that can open up a supernatural vortex over our holy relationships. This book could be a catalyst to relational transition that could launch our marriages into the great adventure in God. I highly recommend this book to every married couple and all those who are aspiring to be wed. -Kris Vallotton; Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry CO- is an interesting prefix. It is very simple and yet so complex. The word means together. COmmunicate. It takes at least two to COmmunicate. COdependency takes two again, people that depend on each other for their own needs to be met. COoperate takes two working together to make it happen. This book has many well known people working together to make this happen. It is based on true life stories of COuples there is the CO- again that have learned through experience how to work together for the same goal. This book will help you walk out your life with the COmpanion that God has sent you in a more fulfilling way. I would encourage you to read this book time and time again. -Joan Hunter President Joan Hunter Ministries and Hunter Ministries Evangelist/Author I had the joy and the honor of being married to Michal Ann Goll for over 32 years before she graduated to her heavenly reward in the fall of 2008. We lived the message in this book. We helped to pioneer the message in this book. We were more than a married couple who had the joy of parenting four great kids together. We were each other's best coaches, cheerleaders and partners in ministry, taking the Good News around the world. Now it is other peoples' turn to pick up that baton and run their leg of the race. That is what the Wilsons are doing and that is what this book is all about. You will be inspired as a couple to be all that you can be in Christ Jesus and together release the sweet smelling fragrance of Christ wherever you go! It is an to commend to you CO-: Powerful Partnerships in Marriage. -James W. Goll Encounters Network National Best Selling Author Dr. Dan and Linda's passion is to see couples CO-love, CO-honor, CO-labor and CO-enjoy the fullness of all Christ has called them to be and do. Their book, with the variety of authors who have contributed to the content, will release vision, hope, encouragement and impartation. -Patricia King Biography Dr. Dan and Linda Wilson are marriage missionaries. They delight in traveling around the world blessing marriages and sharing about Jesus. Taking the call to support widows and children seriously, they are involved with multiple orphanages and mission projects in several nations. Dan and Linda are cofounders of Supernatural Marriage & Missions, created to encourage Spirit-led intimacy in marriages through conferences, teaching, writing, and personal counseling. They have two sons enjoying their own supernatural marriages and four beautiful grandchildren. The Wilsons reside in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Chest 33 inches
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