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Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to gain victory in some areas of your life– even though you’ve repented, fasted, and prayed? You might have a negative character bent! Katie teaches you how to recognize those bents, where they come from, and how to get rid of them.

“Are you sick, suffering from lack, broken, separated from loved ones, or controlled by negative character bents? You may have a wound in your soul that goes all the way back to Genesis chapter six! Katie spent the majority of her life controlled by negative character bents. Even as a Christian, she fought every day not to feel consumed with anger, depression, fear, and bitterness– no matter how much she repented, fasted, and prayed. Katie longed to feel the peace and joy found in the Bible. She began to see that the physical problems she battled were directly connected to these horrible character bents.

This teaching includes over half a dozen healing activations.


387 in stock


387 in stock