BENT 1 Teaching and Soak Combo TV Offer

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What are the Nephilim?  Did giants really roam the earth?  Listen as Katie shares how the bents in her own character led to anger, bitterness, and physical torment.  If you are sick, suffering from lack, broken, split apart from loved ones, or controlled by negative character bents– you may be fighting against spiritual giants dating all the way back to Genesis 6!  


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This combo includes:

  • 3 Teach CDs
    • Several healing activations
    • Biblical revelation regarding the Nephilim
  • 1 Soak CD
    • Music by Janie DuVall
    • Decrees to eliminate giants in your bloodline- all the way back to Adam!
Size Small, Medium & Large
Color Pink & White
Waist 26 cm
Length 40 cm
Chest 33 inches
Fabric Cotton, Silk & Synthetic
Warranty 3 Months
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