• Communion For Your Soul

    Katie became ill while visiting a pastor that she loves very much. When she asked God why she was always sick but her pastor friend was not, God showed her the difference was that her friend was passionate about taking communion! Katie decided right then that she needed to understand communion. This is a powerful teaching that contains its own soaking CD that will increase your soul healing exponentially. The music was created especially for this teaching by Janie DuVall. For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • Miracles in the Night

    Katie’s travel schedule and auto accident left her not only with broken ribs, but feeling drained and exhausted. She needed a supernatural way to be healed, be productive, and get recharged even while asleep! The Bible is full of examples of people receiving jaw-dropping visitations, deliverances and miracles while they slept. If it worked for them and Katie, it will work for you! This teaching includes a soak with anointed music by Janie DuVall. For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • From an angelic encounter in a filthy lock-down cell, to an encounter with Gabriel and the archangel Michael, Katie Souza’s life has been filled with angelic encounters. Now, she imparts these same angels to you! Listen to the testimonies of the many angelic visitations Katie and her ministry have experienced! Learn how each visitation is Biblical and how you can partner with the angelic too! For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • Clean Up Power Up

    Do you need more signs and wonders in your life? Then perhaps you do not understand the power of repentance. In this simple to understand teaching, Katie Souza proves biblically that repentance opens the heavens and causes signs and wonders to occur! For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • Banking In The Glory

    Katie learned that her prosperity is not dependent on the economy. She teaches how to cultivate the glory just as Jesus did, to experience supernatural multiplication. She shares personal testimonies of how she and her ministry have prospered because of operating and banking in God’s glory. Paying your bills will never be a chore again! For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • Dreams and visions are important because God uses these times when we are finally quiet, to speak to us in symbols and through the meanings of names. Katie Souza teaches important keys to getting your soul healed through “unpacking” your dreams and how to include dreams and visions to your soul-healing tool belt. For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • Because of her mother’s battle with Lyme Disease for 25 agonizing years, Katie passionately sought God and His Word regarding healing. You can benefit from her hours and hours of research and study that lead her to the soul-healing message. Katie teaches about demonic kings such as Leviathan, Sihon and Og, and identifies the kings over Legion! She will lead you into freedom and breakthrough in this powerful teaching. For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • Why are many people dying before their time? In the second part of the Healing Clinic series, Katie answers this question and continues to expound on soul healing and the importance of Christ’s blood and resurrection in the sanctification process. This important teaching contains amazing testimonies from people that were first healed in their souls and then received healing in their bodies! Follow along as Katie proves biblically that Jesus and the apostles understood and operated in soul healing! Included are 9 individual healing activations plus 9 group healing activations! For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • Katie presents multiple teachings about the soul, then leads you step-by-step through personal healing and deliverance prayers, followed by group healing prayers that you, your friends and your family can do together at home! This is our most comprehensive collection on the soul yet. Included are 12 amazing, individual healing activations plus 12 group healing activations! For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • When the Ark of the Covenant, which is truly Jesus Christ, crossed the Jordan before the Israelites, there was so much power released that everyone was healed of every wound in their bloodline, all the way back to Adam! Have you been waiting faithfully to be ushered into your Promised Land? This deep study of Joshua 3 shows that we must get our souls healed in order to take possession of our inheritance! Anointed musician, Janie DuVall produced the soundtrack filled with sound effects, making you feel you are there with Joshua and the Israelites as they cross into their inheritance. For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • Kingdom Of The Son

    Idols, idols everywhere! We make so many things into idols…sex, drugs, and rock and roll are only the tip of the iceberg! God is a jealous God and He detests idols of every kind. Learn how to recognize when you have made something into an idol and what to do to get that image burned out of your soul! This teaching contains an amazing soaking portion where Katie speaks over you for more than hour with scriptures and repentance decrees. This teaching will jump-start your healing journey! For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown
  • When God showed Katie a vision of a coffee mug tree that had heads of giants on the ends where the cups should have been, she asked God what it meant. He told her that coffee was a bitter beverage and she had been drinking mugs of it! For years she struggled with bitterness and was tired of feeling and acting on that poisonous character trait. According to the Bible, bitterness of soul can cause you to die before God’s appointed time from a multitude of diseases and disorders. Let Katie lead you to healing from this affliction! Companion to Live Free-Soaking Away Bitterness of Soul. For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown