Proclaim Your Healing

Lesson 17

In my last message, I explained how sins can wound the soul and even make us sick. Trauma does the same thing. I used examples from John, Chapter 5 and Luke 11. One concerned a guy who was sick 38 years and the other was a woman who was sick for 18 years. They had one thing in common. They were infirmed. Stop reading for a second, and say out loud “I am not infirmed. I am not weak or infirmed in my body or in my soul.” Each had wounds in their souls allowing them to have long-term sickness.

While ministering, I have seen countless long-term illnesses healed when people applied the two steps, the blood from the cross and the Dunamis power from the Resurrection. In those two simple steps, they decreed that the blood washed away any sin that might have wounded their souls and then decreed that the Dunamis power that came from the Resurrection filled their souls. This caused their souls to exemplify the meaning of Dunamis, “to be excellent of soul”.

In Cincinnati an 89-year old man who had been a college all-star athlete. His football team had won a state title, which was a big deal for him. He had been injured while playing football. Later, in the military, he had surgery on his knee where they removed a lot of cartilage. For 67 years after his surgery, he was unable to squat down, or bend his leg at the knee without pain.

That day, during the meeting, as we were releasing the things I’m teaching you in this series of blogs, the Dunamis power from the Resurrection and the blood from the cross. As we prayed, this man was healed. He came up and shared his story. He told me, “So, I got healed today.” I said, “How do you know you got healed?” He replied, “‘Cause I can pull a squat.” And just like that, God literally grew the cartilage back in his knee.

My guess is he had been wounded in his soul. When his soul was healed, he was prospered and brought into health even as his soul was prospered.

At another meeting, I met a woman who suffered a domestic violence attack so vicious that her eardrum ruptured. That was in 1989. From that day forward she had continuous pain, buzzing, and ringing in her ear. She carried that pain around for 38 years. She went through the two steps. She applied the blood from the cross and the Dunamis power. There was healing released to her soul. Her soul was absolutely wounded from the beating, but she got healed that day. She applied everything that Christ has given to us. She came up and testified that she was instantly, miraculously healed. The buzzing, pain and ringing stopped.

I’m telling you, whatever your affliction; there is nothing too big for Jesus. At, we have posted videos of real miracles from people that believed, and put their faith in Jesus. It doesn’t matter if your issue goes back a week, months, years or even decades.

Pray it now. Insert what the Holy Spirit tells you to in the blank. Say, “Lord Jesus, I repent for ________. I repent for sinning by _______. I plead the blood over those sins right now. The powerful blood of Jesus is washing away that sin in my soul right now. I release the Dunamis resurrection power into my soul right now. Fill me with Dunamis mighty power, Lord. I decree that the wound in my soul that came from that sin is being healed right now, and will no longer control me. I am excellent of soul. I am excellent of soul, Thank you, Jesus!

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  • Tara

    Thank You Jesus, for giving an Actual step by step prayer through Katie! In Jesus name. Thank you for giving me New Strategy that I Know Will Change my Life Beginning Now This minute. Bless u and your ministry in Jesus name! 🙂

  • Maureen

    Hi Katie

    I would like prayer to heal my eyes left one from operation I had to have eight years ago and have now got a cataract due to operation. My Right eye from floaters and straight lines which are a bit squiggly.

    The left eye has central vision loss and I would like this to be cured back to normal in Jesus name.

    Thank you for all your good work may God bless you all.

  • Jan

    Thank you Jesus and thank you Katie!

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