Prison Outreach Training Program

Program Details & Requirements

We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering to serve with us as we minister in the prisons and wish to participate in our first training program. Our goal is to aid you in your soul healing and equip you to minister to those who are broken.


Training cost is $99 per person. It is due at the time you submit your application below.


You will receive access to five pre-recorded prison training sessions.

You will  also receive all the materials needed for the Course.


The five training sessions are 90-minutes. Watch and complete at your own pace.

Program Description

Participants in the Katie Souza Ministries Prison Outreach Training Program will receive five live Zoom sessions over the course of five weeks. These sessions will equip you to flow in miracles as Katie imparts how to flow in signs, miracles, and wonders. You will learn how and be able to:

  • Heal people of soul wounds created by trauma,
  • Deliver people from generational curses,
  • Flow in the order of miracles to see limbs grow, and metal disappear,
  • Work miracles of healing like cancer,
  • Set the captive free from the bondage of mental and emotional strongholds.
  • All while experiencing wholeness and healing yourself!

In addition, the live sessions will be available on demand for further study. You will also access to additional teaching that will provide the foundation to the live sessions. Each week you will be sent a link to videos or materials to read in preparation for the next session. It is important that you keep up with the assignments.

A Certificate of Completion will be given to those who complete the training and related requirements. You cannot minister in prisons with Katie without the Certificate.

Note: this Certificate is not to be used to try and gain entrance into prisons unless accompanied by the KSM team on an approved prison visit. Nor does it give you access to a prison after a ministry outreach visit.

Program Requirements

Volunteers accepted into the program will meet the following requirements:

  • Have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior
  • Commit to completing the training (attendance at all sessions required)
  • Complete all video teachings and activations and read course materials
  • Fulfill other course requirements
  • Have a heart of compassion for the broken
  • Be non-judgmental toward others
  • A completed application
  • A signed Limited Liability Agreement
  • All course fees are paid in full

The fee for the training is $99 and must be paid in full to receive access to the sessions.

Note: While the ministry will pay for food on the days we minister, the participants must pay for their travel, lodging, and incidentals. You will be sent course materials upon receipt and approval of the above.

Prison Outreach Program Application

Please carefully complete the application below and pay the $99 registration fee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.