Pressing In

My daughter and I have been pressing into your broadcasts and watching one each night to get our souls healed and standing in the gap for our family restoration. Sunday night we watched one of the episodes and did the prayer together for Legion. I’m unsure which exact episode, it was in a string when you talk through your moms story. Something happened to me as I began crying (not a usual occurance). The next day my daughter came to see me and told me her nose was dripping all day with water and kept on dropping thru the whole next day and she had no cold symptoms or anything else that could explain it! She was so excited as she has health issues with her skin pretty badly even after medical and natural treatments that she still struggles with. Still awaiting for the manifestation of her skin healing but we know something happened! We just watched the communion episode last night and will implement that daily for her healing as well as healing of our family and my husbands salvation/marriage. Thank you for your obedience and teachings, they have uplifted me so much since I found you only about a month ago. Praise God! -N. N.

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