Praying Before Paying

Lesson 8

The Bible says we’ll be prospered and be in health even as our soul is prospered. I believe the reason the church hasn’t been prospered yet is because we’re wounded in our souls.

Those wounds control our will and when we get money in our hands we make wrong decisions with it. I once had a family approach me after receiving an inheritance. They wanted guidance for investing the money.

I couldn’t advise them concerning the investments, but I agreed to help them gain insight from God. The wife had a dream during this time. She dreamed the living dead came and tried to steal this big nest-egg, this big diamond. “What do you think that means?” she asked.

“Well,” I asked. “What are wounds? They’re living dead. They represent things that happened in the past that were supposed to die long ago but are still alive, making trouble and trying to eat you and your money. Do you understand what I’m saying to you?” I asked.

“Don’t make any decisions with your money right now because I’m feeling that the Lord is saying you’re wounded in your soul and those wounds are like the living dead. They are coming to gobble up your inheritance,” I said.

Unfortunately, they didn’t take my advice. They invested in something and lost every dime.

See, that’s why God hasn’t given us the million bucks we’ve requested. Our souls are wounded and if we got the money, we would make wrong decisions. The wounds control our will. Chances are very good that we would blow the money.

So, you’re thinking, “No, I wouldn’t! Try me!”

Yes, you would. Look, Paul said, “I do the thing I don’t want to do because of the sin nature fixed and operating in my soul.” If the Apostle Paul was controlled by the junk in his trunk, then so are we. We must get the wounds healed so we can prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers.

When your soul is healed, you’ll be free. Then, you will make good decisions. You’ll start the right business at the right time because God will lead you. You’ll start the right ministry because God will tell you what to do and your soul won’t get in the way.

You will be hearing from your spirit man. When you buy a house, it will be the right house. You won’t lose money on it and you won’t lose the house.

And, ladies, you will pick the right men. You will get married, if that’s what you desire and you will stay married, because God will guide your decision.

I’m not criticizing those who have been divorced. A lot of trouble comes from injured souls. We wound each other so badly, communication becomes impossible. When Jesus was asked how Moses allowed divorce, Jesus said it was because of the hardness of the people’s hearts. That word, “heart” means the soul. He was saying they became so hard in their souls against each other that Moses allowed it because the people couldn’t even talk anymore.

Maybe you have had something like that happen in your life. You battled with someone so intensely; the resulting wounds broke every means of reconciling. You couldn’t even have a conversation with them.

Well, when your soul is healed, things change. Wounds inside your soul control the mind, will and emotions. Upsetting, painful emotions can overtake you. Those injuries can be from the soul, according to the Bible. In Psalm 35, it says that we have “sorrow in our soul.” In Psalm 42, it says that our soul is “cast down and disquieted within us.” In Psalm 77, it says “our soul refuses to be comforted.” Psalm 88 says “our soul is full of trouble.” Psalm 109 says “our soul melts from heaviness.” Psalm 94 says that we have a multitude of anxieties within our soul “but God comforts and delights in our soul.” KS

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