Pray It Like You Mean It

Lesson 18

I hope you are using the prayer activation’s I have given you over the last few weeks.

By, now, I think you understand the way you attack long-term disorders like those I have described is to pray for your soul. When you pray for your soul, the blood from the cross atones for the soul. It rids you of any sin that might have wounded you and caused you to be sick, no matter how long. The dunamis power from the Resurrection causes you to be excellent of soul. It’ll heal any wound that has made you sick. You will no longer be infirmed when you release these powers upon yourself and you’ll emerge from long-term illnesses.

Do you know someone who has a long-term disorder? Picture their face. You should pray for them just as you would pray for yourself. Be bold. Practice this type of prayer so it becomes comfortable and natural to you. Then, you can go out into the streets and pray for people and see long-term diseases healed when you pray for their souls.

Get started. Put your hand on your stomach as we go through the simple steps again. Just say, “Jesus, I repent for my participation in any sin that has wounded me and caused this long-term disease. I put the blood on it right now in Jesus’ name. And I forgive anyone that sinned against me that could be the cause of this long-term disease. I put the blood on it. Leviticus 17 says the blood atoneth for the soul. Right now, the blood is washing away every sin that ever wounded my soul. I decree it and I believe it. I also decree any sin from my ancestors be washed by the blood right now in the name of Jesus.”
Focus on that for a minute. Just focus on the blood filling your soul. Command the blood to go to that long-term illness right now. Command it to go to the sin that made that long-term illness right now. The blood is going to any sin connected to that long-term disorder right now. Neck pain leaves right now. Ear pain leaves right now in the name of Jesus! Decree and declare, “I am no longer like the man at the pool. My sin is being washed by the blood. The sin that made me infirmed is being removed now in Jesus’ name.”

The blood is going to all sin responsible for long-term illnesses, in the name of Jesus. We’re repenting and forgiving. The power of the cross is mighty. The power of the cross is released.
You were baptized into Christ, you went down in death with Him at the cross so you have that blood right now. Just say, “I’m baptized into Christ. I’ve got the blood. I’m baptized into Christ. I have the blood. I am baptized in Christ. I have the blood.” Keep repenting, keep forgiving. Keep receiving the blood inside your soul. It’s washing away the sin in your soul.

I encourage you to keep this up. Learn to pray the way I have demonstrated here. Tap into the Dunamis power that is already yours. This is powerful. Practice it and you will become strong. Your prayers will be powerful. People will come to you for prayer and they will be healed because of their faith.

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  • Anthony Innerd

    Hi Katie,
    Just come back from my elder son’s Bible College in England – spent 1 week, travelling from Sweden.
    I picked up a book by Basilea Schlink – Repentance – Joy filled life.
    I got to write half of the book in notes, as it is hard book to buy. I have made some bad choices, etc but my first wound,
    was an infant. I battle with it and hoping to write out your – Pray and mean it, alongside the book mentioned.
    I am saving to buy your book Soul Decrees, as if can buy one then one will go to a prisoner.
    I go through prayers – as profess – 7 prayers in the Holy-of-Holiest and follow with 7 beside the grae stool. I think that is the order
    and believe Jesus has fought fight for me, yet am challenge by repeat wound, that has been with me since a boy.
    Pray I can find something meant-to-be in this blog you have greatly written…Bless

  • Cleopatra Zondo

    Wow Katie I do not have enough Words to thank God because of the gift You are to me

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