God answers Prayers! Firstly all thanks goes to Yeshua and my Elohim YAHUWAH. I want to sincerely thank everyone who has prayed on behalf of me, for our financial situation. Yesterday, we heard amazing news and finally someone has decided to partner us with one of our key projects. Allowing us a chance to pay a lot of out financial obligations. Here’s the thing, Another door seems to have opened as well miraculously and simultaneously with another one of our projects for the hearing-impaired! Wow! When he opens doors, he surely does! 🙂 I am truly speechless and in awe of Yeshua’s love towards me and my family. I know if it isn’t for your prayers, yes YOU who prayed for me. This situation may never have come about. May God bless you, your ministry, your family and your heart’s desires abundantly, and yes he does answer prayers! If you persist even through times that make you want to doubt ( I am sorry for that, Yeshua!  All Glory goes to God, his son Yeshua, Thank you again for praying for me you wonderful people. I have so much gratitude and love today! -B. M.

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