Power Love and Sound Minds

Katie and family! I have so accelerated in my soul healing since I first heard you on Sid Roth mid-year 2013. I immediately ordered The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul. And started! Well, it is the end of 2018 and I have about all your teachings and soaks. I have the ‘Katie Souza’ library and I lend your soaks and teachings to my friends down here in sw Florida. I saw you in Tampa August 2017 and went to your partner meeting November 2017 in Az. I was the one who about screamed my head off from all the trauma, pain, and grief coming out of me when you were teaching after lunch and Priscilla just gently laid her hand on my right shoulder, that was it! I had had searing pain in my right shoulder and it just started unraveling. I understand this all is a process just like the Myofascial work I do as a massage therapist. Trauma unwinds out of fascia and it is layer by layer but we don’t always know the order. I simply trust the clients process as I facilitate the work. My journey of years of being mentally and emotionally and relationally and financially and all else unstable are my yesteryears. The cutting edge Biblical revelatory material Katie receives and studies out and shares has changed my life!!! I have so much greater peace internally and externally. I can withstand Satan’s storms and stay in the rest of God bc I actually know what’s going on now! I have cultivated a practice of soaking into my daily life and it shows in every sphere of my existence!!! Dunamis power can flow out of my spirit man into my soul and body with So much more ease now!!! The debris in my soul is getting less and less. Now I help those around me and my clients. I use the soul-healing principles in my massage practice bc the soul is so entwined w the body that you always work on both. I have soaks w my friends and healing happens!!! Power love and sound minds here in SW Florida in Jesus Name!!! So my alignment is in order. I am aligned w Glory of Zion and Chuck Pierce is my spiritual Dad, I am aligned with you and Kat Kerr here in Florida. We are family and the covenant ties are strong with those God has aligned me with. When I went to Glory of Zion earlier this month, I was sharing you with my friends there! I am so excited to move to Texas next year and Glory ON!!!! Love you Katie BIG TIME and all the family at KSM!!! -M. K.

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