Lesson 18

This is how I position myself to receive visions for another person’s soul to be healed. I begin by praying in tongues because there are ancient gates inside of us that open up when we begin to pray in the spirit. Praying in tongues also clears the atmosphere of demonic chatter. I lie down, worship, and pray until I feel the Glory, or I hear God say, “Now you’re going to get visions.” I have my journal and pen beside me, and I focus on receiving a vision. I tell God, “I’m not going to lay here and let my mind wander. I’m staying focused to receive a vision. You’re going to lead me through the three steps to getting this person’s soul healed. I’m waiting …” I may go into a trance to receive the vision. Trances are Biblical. Abraham went into a trance when he received the covenant cut with him by God in Genesis 15. Jesus Christ came out of that covenant. Also, Peter went into a trance when he had the vision about the clean and unclean animals in Acts 10.

So, I sank into that deep place and I began to have visions because I put my faith on getting them. Suddenly, I was in a maze that I had to get through to get to the place where a particular soul wound was. I didn’t even know which wound God was working on so, I asked God to take me to what He wanted to work on first. “What do I do now, Lord?” I heard, “Turn right.” I interacted with the vision. I turned right as Holy Spirit was leading me through the maze. I woke up to interact with what I saw in the trance… I’m going to get to the place I need to be. God is laying out the specific path for me. I’m believing. I’m going…and then I dropped off into the trance again.

A new vision came from the blackness and I was out of the maze. God was showing me what was going on in the spirit realm; I interacted with it, put my faith on it, and Holy Spirit took me to the next step. In the next vision, I was picking up a bunch of worms! I made it through the maze and came to the first sin that had created the wound! The worms symbolized sin, so I put the blood on the person’s sin. (Step one)! I repented for and forgave anyone that had hurt that person. John 20:23 (AMPC) “[Now having received the Holy Spirit, and being led and directed by Him] if you forgive the sins of anyone, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of anyone, they are retained.” I was doing what Jesus said I could do! I was interceding for this person and putting the blood on the sin. I began going into the trance again. Then, I saw that person open their mouth and there was a big worm on his tongue! I saw him spit it out! This person grumbles and complains a lot, which is sin and had made a big wound on his soul.

I applied more blood and went into the trance again. I was flying through the sky right past the Washington Monument – a tomb, a monument set up to cause a perpetual remembrance! I was flying past a soul wound! The Washington Monument is an Egyptian-style obelisk like those placed in pairs to guard the entrances of Egyptian temples. My friend had soul wounds guarding the entrance to his temple that blocked the light. Egyptians worshiped Ra – counterfeit light! So, I applied the Glory Light of Jesus (Step two)! I began to decree that Jesus was going to destroy that monument, then I saw a large green light totally wipe it out!

I decreed the glory and the light until from the darkness I saw a red chair. Red can mean war and the chair reminded me of being seated in heavenly realms with Christ. Therefore, the enemy is under my feet! I was now on step three, so I began to interact with the vision like this: “In the Name of Jesus, I command every demonic power to come off. You have to go now because that wound was healed when that monument was destroyed! You have no choice but to go!” I went into the trance again. I was shooting straight up into the second heavens and there was a huge explosion as I broke through. I saw devastation and there were dead bodies (demonic powers) falling out of the sky to the earth.

God sovereignly arranged for me to spend the rest of the day with him. There were several situations that came up that should have made him lose his mind. He stayed calm and asked my opinion about what we should do. Since that day, I have not seen the return of the complaining and grumbling; he has completely changed. The next day, he called me and said, “You’re not going to believe this! I just got off a call and I had a major, financial miracle!” The healing of his soul was directly connected to his financial blessings!

Next week we will talk about the final two things that will help you in unpacking your dreams and visions and then I will activate you by walking you through the steps one last time!

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