Positioning Yourself

Lesson 18

This is how I position myself to receive visions for another person’s soul to be healed. I begin by praying in tongues because there are ancient gates inside of us that open up when we begin to pray in the spirit. Praying in tongues also clears the atmosphere of demonic chatter. I lie down, worship, and pray until I feel the Glory, or I hear God say, “Now you’re going to get visions.” I have my journal and pen beside me, and I focus on receiving a vision. I tell God, “I’m not going to lay here and let my mind wander. I’m staying focused to receive a vision. You’re going to lead me through the three steps to getting this person’s soul healed. I’m waiting …” I may go into a trance to receive the vision. Trances are Biblical. Abraham went into a trance when he received the covenant cut with him by God in Genesis 15. Jesus Christ came out of that covenant. Also, Peter went into a trance when he had the vision about the clean and unclean animals in Acts 10.

So, I sank into that deep place and I began to have visions because I put my faith on getting them. Suddenly, I was in a maze that I had to get through to get to the place where a particular soul wound was. I didn’t even know which wound God was working on so, I asked God to take me to what He wanted to work on first. “What do I do now, Lord?” I heard, “Turn right.” I interacted with the vision. I turned right as Holy Spirit was leading me through the maze. I woke up to interact with what I saw in the trance… I’m going to get to the place I need to be. God is laying out the specific path for me. I’m believing. I’m going…and then I dropped off into the trance again.

A new vision came from the blackness and I was out of the maze. God was showing me what was going on in the spirit realm; I interacted with it, put my faith on it, and Holy Spirit took me to the next step. In the next vision, I was picking up a bunch of worms! I made it through the maze and came to the first sin that had created the wound! The worms symbolized sin, so I put the blood on the person’s sin. (Step one)! I repented for and forgave anyone that had hurt that person. John 20:23 (AMPC) “[Now having received the Holy Spirit, and being led and directed by Him] if you forgive the sins of anyone, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of anyone, they are retained.” I was doing what Jesus said I could do! I was interceding for this person and putting the blood on the sin. I began going into the trance again. Then, I saw that person open their mouth and there was a big worm on his tongue! I saw him spit it out! This person grumbles and complains a lot, which is sin and had made a big wound on his soul.

I applied more blood and went into the trance again. I was flying through the sky right past the Washington Monument – a tomb, a monument set up to cause a perpetual remembrance! I was flying past a soul wound! The Washington Monument is an Egyptian-style obelisk like those placed in pairs to guard the entrances of Egyptian temples. My friend had soul wounds guarding the entrance to his temple that blocked the light. Egyptians worshiped Ra – counterfeit light! So, I applied the Glory Light of Jesus (Step two)! I began to decree that Jesus was going to destroy that monument, then I saw a large green light totally wipe it out!

I decreed the glory and the light until from the darkness I saw a red chair. Red can mean war and the chair reminded me of being seated in heavenly realms with Christ. Therefore, the enemy is under my feet! I was now on step three, so I began to interact with the vision like this: “In the Name of Jesus, I command every demonic power to come off. You have to go now because that wound was healed when that monument was destroyed! You have no choice but to go!” I went into the trance again. I was shooting straight up into the second heavens and there was a huge explosion as I broke through. I saw devastation and there were dead bodies (demonic powers) falling out of the sky to the earth.

God sovereignly arranged for me to spend the rest of the day with him. There were several situations that came up that should have made him lose his mind. He stayed calm and asked my opinion about what we should do. Since that day, I have not seen the return of the complaining and grumbling; he has completely changed. The next day, he called me and said, “You’re not going to believe this! I just got off a call and I had a major, financial miracle!” The healing of his soul was directly connected to his financial blessings!

Next week we will talk about the final two things that will help you in unpacking your dreams and visions and then I will activate you by walking you through the steps one last time!

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  • Margo Bullock

    Hello Katie,

    I’d like to request you do the same thing for me. I’ve been asking God to show me the arrears in my life that need healing. I’ve repented for everything that I can think of. I need financial assistance, I want restoration with my children. I just want to walk in my destiny. Please help.

  • Shelley Thomas

    Thankyou!!freely you continue to give. Big love indeed! All your needs met. Love you Ms Katie & KSM❤

  • Steffany

    As much as I have tried I cannot seem to get this to work for me. I want to have breakthroughs not only in my life but my children’s father as well. Please help me pray about this. Thank you!

  • Sharon

    I have the same request for myself. Thank you! I would have written the exact request as Margo Bullock

  • Jan Cronkhite

    Hey Katie, Thank you so much for your dedication. I, as well, have repented for everything I can think of. I do know that I cannot speak of the people and the specifics of what I’ve been forgiven of as it ties me to those people again. I’m learning to forgive in a different way … I’m remembering ONLY the benefits that
    “forgiveness” has provided me. I hope this is a good explanation, as I need to be free to receive physical healings. ^_^ I need financial assistance. My grown household needs restoration. I, as well, want to walk in my destiny, Thank you for your help and prayers. Love you, Ms. Katie.

  • Melody Bartee

    Katie, I want to be able reach higher in God’s kingdom, my life is a mess, my marriage destroyed, my finances constantly drained and my spirit so sad, I’ve asked forgiveness and soul healing but it’s as if I’m frozen, I feel like a loser of no value…I pray for my ex whom I love despite all the hurt, a voice came out of the wall and said: “Do Not Marry That Man” but I did anyway. What a mess I’ve made of my life! I want to be healed, restored and be able to help others by interceding in prayer for God to set them free like you do. I want to see people healed by God. Please pray for me, for I do not know what else to do.

    • Katie Souza

      We most certainly will pray for you Melody God has something for each and everyone of us “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3 Bless you girl!

  • Marlene

    Katie!!! Such timely word!!!! God’s amazing! I met my son Shawn for the first time last year after I had to sign him off for adoption 25 years ago. Thankyou so much for all your teaching! To all these people that commented I can truly recommend the prayer according to I Kor 2 verse 10 praying the following prayer to the Holy Spirit directly…..Holy Spirit….search this situation out dilligently. Examine everything about it find the things that are beyond my scrutiny, release your dunamis power onto it and bring me back the divine council of God….I don’t konw what what I would have done without that prayer and my soul is getting healed from the adoption and now I’m pressing in for my finances!!! You go Katie!!! You have blessed me thankyou….

  • Chana Richards

    I am so blessed by Katie’s ministry. How do I get the other lessons? Isee this one is lesson in 18 already.
    Thank you
    God bless

    • Robert Souza

      Just look over to the sidebar on the left of the main blog page and you will see the different teaching sets according to Categories. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Art Bilder

    Dear Katie,
    I am reading your Lesson 18. As a Holy Spirit Christian I also have had visions probably before I even knew I was even as a child and I am now 85 years old. I have seen angels, demons, Jesus, Mother of jesus, etc which I finally realized what had happened after a conversion in Fire that never actually burned me. followed a month later with the baptism of the Holy Spirit as he glory of Gods heaven on earth was shown to me as I drove home from a prayer meeting. All that you say and speak about regarding healing the soul I have to believe happened or happens to you. Three years after our marriage in 1956 my beloved wife a Southern Baptist journed home to the Catholic Church and after another rebirth her comment was “Now I am a fulfilled Christian upon receiving not a symbol but the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and 40 years later on her death bed as her family of eight children received communion with her not only did she see Jesus but God spoke and told her how pleased he was for this communion with the family. Months after her death she appeared to tell how happy she was in heaven and how happy we all will be when we join her in heaven. I never had to go into a trance for a vision. They just happened as did the numerous healings of myself and others. Scripture says unless you eat the son of man and drink his blood you shall not have life in you. That is how it was for 15 hundred years and I spent two years in Italy mostly in Rome seeing the evidence of this gift in the catacombs there and in the Holy Land. One more thing I had a friend from India who shared almost the same type of experiences you speak of but his were not of the Holy Spirit until he became a Christian. Praise the Lord!

  • Owan

    i have always being blessed by your message and encourage even when things look still thanks Kate

  • Kathy Kirkpatrick

    I have a testimony about what happened the next day after I received this lesson by email. I was watching a deliverance video and my 21 yr. old daughter was in the room. She started saying the prayers along with the video but she stopped and said we need to apply the blood on the sin, so we did. I asked her what’s next? She said now we need to apply the glory light of Jesus, then we applied the dunamis power of the resurrection and commanded the demons out. They came out so easily and quickly. In the past we would do deliverance and it seemed to drag on and on but after doing what you taught it was amazingly fast. I had taken notes the day I received your email and showed her them. I had not spoken with her about it. Wow God! Thank you Jesus and Katie Souza ministries!

  • Joshua Mitchell

    Why not ask Holy Spirit to go and explore instead of asking God????

    • Katie Souza

      Hi Joshua. The short answer to your question is, yes, the Holy Spirit as described in the Bible is fully God. Along with God the Father and God the Son (Jesus Christ), God the Spirit is the third member of the Godhead or the Trinity. Hope this helps.