Partner Mentoring

Let’s Do Life Together

I’m here to help you get clarity in life.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve overcome the fears, challenges and storms you are facing and can guide you into receiving victory in every trial of life, so you can walk in healing and wholeness, while enjoying every day of your life.


Hello, I’m Katie Souza. I am passionate about partnering with you and helping you live in God’s identity.

How Does Partner Mentoring Work?

Decide that partner mentoring is the right fit for you.

Ask Holy Spirit which level of Partner Mentoring is right for you.

Sign up for the level that you’ve decided on.

Below is where you can sign up for one of the three Partner Mentorship levels.

After joining, you’ll get immediate access to the private Partner Mentoring Facebook Group as well as our On Demand Partner Mentoring Resources.

Log into your account and get acquainted with the resources available to you at your selected level.

Gain Healing…

…in your soul and understand the dunamis power that you already possess so you can live free.

Gain Power…

…in partnership and don’t do life alone while you are wondering what God’s plan and expected end is for you.

Gain Dominion…

…in your soul with time proven, Bible-based, kingdom strategies for every area of your life.

What Does Partner Mentoring Look Like?

It’s bigger than a monthly donation. It’s doing life together. Pursuing God’s unveiling purpose for your life. Monthly partners get access to exclusive Katie Souza content and mentoring. In addition to these benefits, your monthly partnership is a charitable donation that will help change the life of captives behind bars and beyond.

Decrees & Activations

These Soul Decrees and activations will supplement Katie’s teachings and help you personally apply them.

Community & Prayer

Our Facebook Partner Mentoring Group will join you to a community of like-minded believers where you will receive prayer and support!

On Demand Content

Unlimited access to a growing library of courses, teaching, soaking, video and more.

The Live Q&A

Monthly Q&A and prayer activation with Katie.

  • "The amazing insights that she has been given by the Holy Spirit can lead believers into both noteworthy and extraordinary miracles! Katie Souza has unique and unusual revelation from the word of God to bring healing to the soul. Katie's teachings also train others how to minister in the healing gifts of Christ!"

    Pastor Tony Kemp
    Pastor Tony Kemp Tony Kemp Ministries
  • "The Scripture teaches us in Ephesians 4 that God gives to the church both teachers and prophets for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry. Some of these people are themselves gifts to the body of Christ. Katie Souza is one such gift from God!"

    Kevin Basconi
    Kevin Basconi King Of Glory Ministries
  • "Katie Souza is a friend of mine, and I assure you she embodies what she teaches. I am confident you will find the God who heals…Embrace these principles as she has, and you too can gain newness of life, just as God always intended."

    Joan Hunter
    Joan Hunter Joan Hunter Ministries
  • "Katie Souza has the most cutting edge revelation along with the best tools that I have seen in a long time. They are tools that can set you free! She has personally helped me to break loose from covert plans of the enemy!"

    Doug Addison
    Doug Addison InLight Connection
  • "Katie has an incredible heart to see people transformed in every area of their lives! As a result, she teaches deep revelations that unlock blockages from receiving all the promises of God. Expect breakthroughs, healing, and miracles!"

    Janie DuVall
    Janie DuVall Janie DuVall Ministries
  • "I have known Katie Souza for many years and her teaching on soul healing is grounded in the Word of God and is desperately needed. These revelations are a true light to a desperately wounded and traumatized world!"

    Patricia King
    Patricia King XP Ministries
  • "The work Katie is doing in the prisons through her teachings and books is a great blessing to Gods people incarcerated and to the families whose lives have been touched in so many ways by these revelations!"

    Randy DeMain
    Randy DeMain Kingdom Revelation Ministries

See for yourself
Your Faithfulness Shines Bright

“Years ago, while attending a Patricia King event, I had a vision of a white envelope in God’s hand. It came open and gemstones of many sizes came pouring down. I instantly knew that these gemstones were the people that would come alongside of me as staff and partners to help with the vision God had for my life and ministry.” – Katie Souza

  • Sapphire Plan
    $11.11/ mo
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Monthly Q&A's
    • Live Chats
    • Recorded Chats
    • Exclusive Broadcasts
  • Diamond Plan
    $77.77/ mo
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Monthly Q&A's
    • Live Chats
    • Recorded Chats
    • Exclusive Broadcasts
    • Informational Courses
    • Educational Quizzes
    • Original Content
    • Exclusive Videos
    • Exclusive E-courses
    • Annual Diamond Event Held in Arizona
  • Ruby Plan
    $33.33/ mo
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Monthly Q&A's
    • Live Chats
    • Recorded Chats
    • Exclusive Broadcasts
    • Informational Courses
    • Educational Quizzes
    • Original Content

See how we’ve helped other believers like you get mentored, healed, and freed.

I have just been introduced to Katie and the Lord has me watching her for a reason. I was also once a criminal and on many drugs, the Lord has delivered me from those things Praise God. Thank you Katie for the word you bring that is always backed up with scripture!

Tiffany Eulalah

Hebrews 5:13-14 If you have been drinking Milk…please know that your first few servings of meat will be something very different!!! Katie Souza feeds you meat…like a big thick Porterhouse!!! Every bite will give you a mouthful to chew! It’s the real stuff!!! No Soy Burgers here. You will have to get closer to King Jesus to even understand. Enjoy the journey!!! It’s gonna be power packed!!!

Beverly Davidson

Katie’s message from the Holy Spirit is confirmed by scripture and that Light reaches into the darkest corners of your heart and touches the soul. I didn’t know about the wounded soul needing healing. More teaching needs to be heard with ears to hear, scales to drop off from blinded eyes, and Holy Spirit soul cleansing power introduced to those who will believe.

Kim Roth

“The authority of God’s Word will establish your victory and bring healing to every issue you face. Partner Mentoring is designed to give you powerful decrees that, when spoken, will establish healing in your body, your mind, your marriage, your family, your business and every part of your existence!”


Questions (9)

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our partner mentoring program here.

How long do I have access to all of the mentoring?

You have access to the Partner Mentoring levels by donating the amount required for that level each month. If your donation lapses, unfortunately you will be removed from the mentoring program.

How do I access Partner Mentoring?

After joining, you will get immediate access. Just use the email and password you created your account with when you sign in here.

What will my login be?

The email and password you used to sign up for partner mentoring.

How often is new material added to Partner Mentoring?

Every month we add new material, plus the monthly activations with Katie.

What if I miss one of the live trainings/Q&As with Katie?

No worries, we record these sessions and add them to the the Partner mentor Facebook group so you can access them when it’s convenient for you.

What types of devices can I access Partner Mentoring with?

It works and looks great on your mobile phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.

What if I decide this is no longer for me?

Partner Mentoring is a month to month donation. You can cancel at any time here. Please note that you do lose access to all content after the next billing cycle once you cancel.

What is the Private Facebook Group?

The private Facebook group connects like-minded believers where members receive prayer and support. You will receive information about the monthly Live Partner Q&A sessions in the group and also have access to previous Q&A sessions.

How do I access the Private Facebook Group?

Once you’ve become a monthly partner mentee, you can gain access to our Private Facebook Group by following the instructions in the “Partner Mentoring: Getting Started” course found in your Dashboard. The instructions will be listed under the Join the Partner Community section.