Pain is Gone!!

First I want to thank God for his goodness and mercy. I first saw Katie on Sid Roth’s It’s  Supernatural. Again I watched you, Katie, on faith on fire. But last month I was in a lot of pain. On a scale of 10 mine was 8. Then I saw you again on Faith tv during day time and now I paid close attention. I prayed with you, it’s the part you’re speaking about the Legion Slayer. During preaching there’s a part you said many of us will dream in the tombs. I dreamed that there were things in my legs and their main component was a penis they were many of them. And as I knelt down to pray the parts of my legs which were painful started to tremble. I fasted for 3 days and by the end of the fast, I was completely healed. Now have been praying the same prayer over every family member I have. I am excited and telling everyone about you Katie and your teaching. God bless you above all. I believe your teaching should accompany the gospel of salvation hand in hand.


-W. M.

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