Overcoming Mistakes

Overcoming Mistakes
 by Dustin Williams

Nobody is immune to making mistakes, except maybe my wife… Of course, I am kidding! I can hear my wife reading this out loud, stopping, and saying to me, “Why would you say that?” Mistakes, bad choices, wrong moves – we have all done them and sometimes they're completely unintentional. However, sometimes they’re wholeheartedly intentional. After all, our sin nature didn’t just start out of nowhere. I often tell people that we don’t need to show a toddler how to throw a fit, and if you want to see where humanity began having conflict, just place “a” toy in an empty room with three toddlers. While this might seem cruel, you will definitely see raw nature at its core. Also, you might just get a taste of why Cain did what he did to his brother. 

Bad decisions or “a” bad decision is one of the big reasons we get “stuck”.  When you think about it, we are one bad decision away from making a mess of our lives. Before a drug addict became addicted, there was that “first” decision to take the drug. Likewise, nobody intentionally sets out to ruin their finances, but because of some bad choices, or bad investments, it just happened to snowball from there. 

 But here is a truth you need to know.  God is in no way done with you despite the bad choices you might have made! After all, the heroes in the Bible all experienced a bad decision or two (or hundreds for that matter). They say that hindsight is 20/20, which simply means that our past is 100% un-refundable. One of the many conversations I will have in heaven will be with Adam and Eve, and like many of you reading this, I believe we will all ask the same question.

                                                     “What the heck were you thinking?” 

          I have always imagined the answer to be something like this, “I thought more understanding would elevate me in the eyes of the Lord.”  However, the response might simply be, “I wasn’t thinking”. As a man, I am living proof that this statement is true. Most of the time, we don’t go into a bad decision with the consequences in mind. We just do what feels right, or what our flesh wants, or base choices off of other bad choices. I have heard the quote a million times in my head from Forrest Gump, “Stupid is, as stupid does,” and boy have I done some stupid stuff.

          This is where God likes to show up and show off! Despite human error, corruption, and sin, God chooses the least likely people to work through. To quote one of my favorite authors, “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Following Jesus has been that way for me. I have made thousands of bad decisions, but I made one incredible one – one to surrender my life to the Author and Finisher, the One who has the final word, the One who can take a jacked-up mess like me and actually use me! I love how God works and He has been doing it since the beginning.  God takes us beyond our mistakes and uses us for His glory when we surrender to Him.

What decisions have you made that you wish you could push the “do-over” button for?

Can you see God working in this area of your life? If so, what has He done to help reverse the situation? We would love to hear from you. Let us know your response!


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Posted at 14:01h, 16 November Reply

In my earlier years, I wish I had gone to school to further my education. Because I believe I would have a better job now. And because of this I kicked myself and I've wondered why didn't I pursue it. But now my heart is in Ministry , if I could find that connection to do what I love to do to have people train me and help me. Forsome reason I've always felt like I had to do things alone. I would reach out to people but they're not there to help. So please pray that God would send me the people that I need and divine connections to do what he has called me to do

Lisa Letto
Posted at 15:49h, 13 November Reply

As a person with an overly guilty conscience, I lived constant torment. After some years of Katie soaking, I felt a strong command in the spirit, to never regret anything again. If that seems unChristian, it freed me considerably.

Tammy Wiese
Posted at 14:38h, 13 November Reply

Thank you that really touched me.

Donna Knehr
Posted at 12:10h, 13 November Reply

Thank you for this I sent it to my son and his girl they have three beautiful babies and my son is facing some jail time for a stupid decision. He struggles so much with the past dumb decisions and the consequences of those. My heart is breaking he knows the Lord I serve but is in such need of deliverence to be able to surrender to Him completely. I pray that someone in the church would just take the time to befriend him and take time to act like they care. Of course he doesn't listen to me or my husband we are family. So I believe for miracles for him as I pray for his salvation and deliverence through Christ Jesus .. I have taken this matter into the courts of heaven and believe the verdict has been rendered. Thank you for your teaching and service to the Lord

Pamela Murphy
Posted at 06:39h, 13 November Reply

Maybe if I could push a do over button, I would have been a better daughter to my mother when I was a teenager. I am actually moving back to upstate New York , to be able to be close to my mother in her old age. I want her to know that she was a good mom to me and my siblings with her limited support and that I would like to receive her forgiveness not because I ask but because I am willing to do what it takes to let me know how incredible she is in my heart. God is giving me a second chance to show her my love and respect that I have for her.

Rita Joyce
Posted at 00:23h, 13 November Reply

I was told there was no more hope for one of my front teeth. There was an infection behind the crown and root canal and it would take about $5000 to have an implant. I went back-and-forth between different dentistries with much anxiety fear and dread of losing this tooth. There was a question of vanity that obviously makes one think that losing this tooth is to stem that sin. However, after much prayer by myself and others I got the thought ...yes there might be some vanity but to ask forgiveness for it and then realize that God doesn’t want his bride to be without a front tooth, neither does her companion or her friends. Then why this darkness behind the tooth? Ah ha, only the enemy of my soul!! Am Now seeking him for how the enemy got through my armor or the reason why this darkness had authority to come in. What a joy to get some peace about this and I look forward to the answer and redemption. Praise God for His grace and mercy!!!

Posted at 23:32h, 12 November Reply

I’m glad Joseph didn’t keep his mouth shut but blabbed to his family about his dreams or that his dad gave him a multi-colored coat. God wasn’t surprised one bit but FACTORED OUR BROKENNESS INTO HIS VICTORY. They planted and watered but God gave the growth. Our job is to be hot not lukewarm and trust God with the outcomes. Truth be told we’re lousy fruit inspectors. If our hearts don’t condemn how bout leaving that to Holy Spirit? Just sayin...

Lauren Luo
Posted at 23:08h, 12 November Reply

Today, there was a little baby bird came into our condo by "mistake". I am guessing that the baby bird probably wondered around and got lost from her mother bird. Then she was looking for a warmer shelter (it was below 40 degree last night) and came in our garage from the broken window. My husband shouted with joy when he found her struggling to pump her little tiny wings. What so amazing was that my dog Sammy even befriended with her right the way. Sammy is usually a fighter. We found all kind of dead little creatures around his "territories" wherever he claims. We made a temporary cage for her and will set her free when she is stronger to fly. This little bird reminded of myself when I first "escape" the communist China came to America. I went to Arizona State. Though, I had to struggle a lot in language, culture, marriage and crimes forced upon me at very young age with little knowledge about how to protect myself. Was it a mistake I made? Not really. I met Jesus the first time when I visited the Grand Canyon and I was touched by the Holy Spirit. Then I met many "Sammies" along myside to protect me when I was in danger. I learned how to speak English in a miracle way and graduated from college within 4 years when most of my American friends had to struggle for their degrees. Today's reflection just made me more in tone with God's Power Portal. I believe that there is divine appointment with the mistake I had made.

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