Lesson 19

Are you worn out and wounded by never ending storms? Is something hindering you from your destination?

For more than a decade, I have studied the supernatural secrets hidden in the Bible. I am passionate about helping you find freedom.

In just a few minutes, I’m going to pray for you. I encourage you to shut out distractions, because next week, we’re going to do a super soak, and you’re going to get healing for the wounds caused by your storms and for what has been hindering you from your destination.

Legion creates storms in your life to traumatize you! He’s dead set and focused on getting you discouraged. His plan is to get so wounded on your journey that even if you make it to your destination, you will be a wreck by the time you get there.

Legion is also the most talkative spirit in the New Testament. He speaks storms into existence in your life for many reasons. First, he wants to kill you through the storm. He wants to cause financial death, physical sickness that leads to death, and even death of a dream, relationship, or marriage.

Many times, he uses storms to bring about his plan to steal, kill, and destroy everything you hold dear.

Legion not only attacks your mind, but also your physical body.

What was it about the demoniac that allowed the spirit of Legion to completely control him?

It was his soul. His wounded soul caused the demoniac to dwell among the tombs. That’s the condition Jesus found him in.

When you look up that word “dwell” in the Strong’s, it means the divine powers and influences that are said to dwell in the soul, to pervade the soul, to prompt the soul, to govern the soul.

Haven’t you been wounded long enough? Isn’t it about time for those influences over your soul that are wearing you out and hindering your destination, to come to an end?

Wounds and storms that seem to never end can cause you to feel pretty discouraged.

That’s why I am giving you a free online class on November 28. I am going to help you overcome that discouragement. We are going to kick out shame and disappointment by dealing with Legion.

If you haven’t already, you can reserve your free seat at legionslayer.com/freeclass.

In Numbers 21, the Israelites are on their way to make war. And at this time, God’s people had already fought many battles. They’d gone through many trials and storms.

Their journey had been filled with battles and circumstances, painful and traumatic events, and I believe that all those things that had happened literally wounded their soul.

In verse 4 it says that “the people became much discouraged because of the way.”

Have you become discouraged because of the way? Has your journey robbed you of the destination and joy-filled life God has for you?

Let’s do a quick review on how to get you soul healed, because next week we’re going to move into this revelation and do an activation.

Be sure you reserve your seat for the free class. I will include a workbook on the day of class so you can get this deep inside of you.

Jesus used both the cross and the resurrection to defeat the enemy.

Next week, we’re going to do what we like to call a super soak. You might be thinking, “What is that”. Well, let me explain. The word “soak” means to remove a stain by continued immersion. The stains of sin and the wounds that come from them, are in our souls. If we don’t thoroughly soak and immerse ourselves in the presence of Jesus, then the wounds in our inner man will still be there staining every area of our lives. A real key to breakthrough is spending extended time in the presence of Jesus soaking our soul. I encourage you to really focus and engage in these prayers because this is how you get healed.

We don’t have to become “discouraged because of the way”. A lot of things can happen to us, but we can keep on resisting them and not letting them wound us. We have a choice to rejoice or to complain in all things. We can produce fruit or judge, be critical, and offended.

Pray This:

Lord, I want to be fruitful even in the hardest times, but I know I’ve fallen short. I’ve sinned and become much discouraged because of the way. Wash away my sin right now. Lord, I repent for any sin that’s allowed my soul to get wounded.

Wash me clean in your blood right now in the name of Jesus. I ask that You wash away every sin that has wounded my soul from either trials and temptations or letting myself become offended.

In the name of Jesus, I ask Holy Spirit to come into this room with me. Bring your light and dunamis power and point out to me the trials, circumstances, or events in my life, that have caused me to become much discouraged in my soul.

Lord, thank you for healing me so that I no longer dwell among the tombs. I will have nothing in common with Legion. I decree that my soul is being healed as I look at Jesus upon the cross. Amen!

Friend, I am so excited to lead you into next week’s activation and help you overcome discouragement in my free class on November 28. You can check out all the details at legionslayer.com/freeclass.

Talk soon!

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