Overcoming Discouragement Disappointment and Shame Lesson 1


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In this teaching, we will discuss the demonic giants, Sihon and Og. They are the kings over the spirit of Legion which we read about in the New Testament in the story of the Gadarene demoniac (Mark 5:1-20). This spirit is responsible for causing all kinds of diseases and disorders to come upon God’s people.


We will accomplish a few important goals:
● Identify the origins of this strong demon
● Identify how it operates
● Identify if it is operating in your life now
● Break its power through repentance and receiving the dunamis power of God in your soul
● Complete lesson Q&A Quizzes


Super Soak
The word “soak” means to remove a stain by continued immersion. In our souls are the stains of sin and the wounds that come from them. If we don’t thoroughly soak and immerse ourselves in the presence of Jesus, then the wounds in our inner man will still be there totally staining every area of our life. A real key to breakthrough is spending extended times in the presence of Jesus soaking your soul. I encourage you to really focus and engage in these prayers because this is how you get healed.

Put your hand on your stomach or your heart. We’re going to repent for letting the journey cause our soul to “be discouraged because of the way”. We don’t have to become discouraged because of the way—it’s a choice. A lot of things can happen to us, but we can keep on resisting them and not let them wound us. We have a choice to rejoice in all things or to complain in all things. We have a choice to produce fruit in all things or to judge and be critical and offended in all things.

When we are discouraged, we make all kinds of wrong choices. So let’s get rid of the sin first, and then we’re going to work on the wound. Both are necessary!

Prayer of Repentance:
“Lord Jesus, I repent for letting myself get much discouraged because of the way. Lord, I know that there have been trials and temptations and circumstances, and I know you’re aware of it, but I also know that I’m supposed to rejoice in all things. I’m not to allow my soul to get much discouraged because of the way, so I repent for allowing myself to get wounded from all of the things I’ve been through. I repent for complaining about situations and circumstances. I want to rejoice in all things. I want to believe and have faith. I don’t want to complain against you or against any leadership or be offended. I want to be fruitful even in the hardest times, but I know I’ve fallen short. I’ve sinned and become much discouraged because of the way. Wash away my sin right now, Lord. I repent for any sin that’s allowed my soul to get wounded. Wash me clean in your blood right now, in the name of Jesus. I ask that you wash away every sin that has wounded my soul from trials and temptations or from me letting myself become offended. I receive your blood now, in the name of Jesus.

Holy Spirit, I ask you to highlight to me areas in my life where I have let my soul become much discouraged because of the way. Holy Spirit, come and show me right now, anyone I’m offended at, and forgive me for being offended at any person right now. I choose to focus on the cross and focus on the blood. Lord, pour out the blood of Jesus on every sin that would wound me. Bring the blood on every time I allowed myself to sin – when I became much discouraged because of the way. I plead the blood over every sin that would cause a wound in my soul. Amen.”

Now, are you ready to get out of the tombs?

Prayer for Healing:
(Put your hand on your belly.) Say, “Lord, I’m not going to dwell among the tombs anymore. I’m not going to have anything in common with Legion. I decree right now that my soul is being healed. I’m looking at Jesus up there on the cross. He was that bronze snake in the desert. I’m beholding Him and I’m going to live. I’m beholding Him and I’m going to live. I’m going to live, prosper, and be in health even as my soul is prospering. I’m filled with dunamis. It’s Jesus. It is the power from the resurrection. I have it in me right now. It’s healing every wound, everything that’s allowing Legion to attack me, everything in common with Sihon and Og is being healed right now by dunamis power. I’m excellent of soul.”

Receive this Prayer for Deliverance:
I command every spirit of Legion that’s underneath Sihon and Og to come off of you now, in Jesus’ name. I bind these kings and I ransack their house in Jesus’ name. Legion, you go right now in the name of Jesus, and you take with you all mental disorders, physical diseases, bacteria, viruses and blues that are on this person in the name of Jesus. Now I command mind chatter to stop. I bind the spirit of suicide and I command that spirit that causes people to beat and bruise and cut themselves to leave now and I command all bacteria and viruses to die. I say, be healed now, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


You are getting your soul healed of every wound you have in common with the powerful kings we have studied together in this teaching. Remember, these demonic kings are the “strong man” Jesus referred to in Matthew 12. The word “strong man” in the Greek means one who has strength of soul to resist the attacks of Satan. Meaning, when your soul becomes strong, then you’ll have the power to bind the strong man. The Bible says, when the strong man gets bound, then you can thoroughly ransack his house. You’ve been healed…so terrorize the enemy, in Jesus’ name!

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”
(Luke 10:19 KJV)

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