Ordering My Steps

My life was filled with unthinkable abuse from the age of 5 with rape and molestation. My 1st marriage was wrecked with domestic abuse in all forms. I had to survive because of my kids. My 2nd daughter had a rare disease and every day was a fight for her life. My son had asthma. My eldest daughter thank God was fine. At one stage I told God that I will end my life and that of my 3 kids if that was all He had planned for me in this life. He gave me one word and as I pondered the meaning of the word “if” and the reason God would give me this word in such a desperate time the Holy Spirit opened this word and showed me what I can do and be IF I would focus on Him, turn to Him, listen to His word, etc. That started my walk with my Lord. That marriage ended and years later I married again. To my horror my new husband started doing the same kind of things and I couldn’t believe it. For years I lived in denial, struggling to provide for my family as sole provider, too exhausted to give attention to what was happening in my marriage. I always told the Lord I am missing something because I am the common element in these 2 marriages. Then my daughter died and this put me on a search that led me to you, Katie, to Patricia King and Dr Caroline Leaf. Following the mentoring and coaching of you 3 ladies led me to where I am now almost 2yrs after she died and I am healed. The wounds in my soul is no more. I thank God for ordering my steps to cross your path. Be blessed. -D. D.

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