Only the Beginning of Miracles

I would like to thank you so much Katie for the miracle that has occurred in my life. Amazingly the Holy Spirit led me and your teaching appeared on my lap top. I have had years of counseling and prayer ministry but never before have I heard teaching on the healing of the soul and having something in common with legion, also explaining Leviathan was amazing teaching. I was married to Leviathan and listening to your teaching explained a lot of things to me. On four separate occasions the Holy Spirit led me through healing and using your steps I received inner healing. It was amazing and creepy as I was crawling on the floor like a snake as the Holy Spirit brought to mind many situations in my life that I was guided through and then released from. It was so powerful, I had a communion cup which I ended up spraying around the room as I felt Satan’s presence but Jesus presence was stronger and I overcame ! Then most amazing of all even though my lap top was shut, suddenly your prayer just started speaking out even with the lap top off! It happened twice!! I never want to forget how awesome God is to heal me like this and I thank you so much for your faithfulness to share your story and teachings. This has also carried through in physical healing for various issues and I got revelation on why other things have happened in my life. I have had lots of healing in my life and my spirit is strong but my soul was left behind. I was abused at aged 5 on the way home from school which caused me to shut down emotionally for many years and also to have many dysfunctional relationships finally ending by me actually marrying a paedophile who abused my children. I had no idea that I attracted this man because my soul was not healed after the pedophile abused me. Scary stuff. The healing took quite a few hours in total as I prayed through each situation that the Holy Spirit reminded me of and I believe there is no way I could have received this amount of prayer and attention on a prayer line. I used to wonder why my face always looked sad and I had to pretend to put a smile on but after these healing sessions I could feel different expressions appear on my face that I had never experienced before! I smile more often now and at first I kept checking the mirror amazed my smile was still there. I also felt taller and stronger in my muscles, I just can’t explain how significant this felt. It was like I learnt to walk again and then I had such a boldness and authority in my step. Sadly I can now see wounded souls on the faces of other people. This has given me an insight how to pray for people. I am eternally grateful, I know that this is only the beginning of miracles I will experience in helping other be set free. Yours sincerely A. H.

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