On Fire for God

Dear Katie, I wanted to write and connect with you since I was unable to do so at your conference in Fremont. My name is Renee.  I was the partner with pink/red hair. We’ve also met at a Glad Tidings Women’s retreat about 4 years ago that was held at Lake Tahoe. I was one of the pregnant women that prayed over you at the beginning of the retreat. I have always wondered what happened to your dream from God that prompted Pastor Cheryl to ask us women to pray over you. I wanted to tell you how important and life changing your soul wound revelation has been to my life and how glad I am that you work as hard as you do to get your message out there. In 2014, I had my eldest son (the one I was pregnant with at the retreat). His birth was incredibly hard and difficult and we both had serious complications. His father and I had/have a turbulent relationship and split in 2015. That summer I met a Christian man who was running after Jesus, or so I thought. He was an ex-con and drug addict and fell back into the lifestyle even after we had countless prophecies of our ministries and the global effect we would have as a couple/family. I let the devil take me out of the race. I became so angry at God that I basically threw the towel in. I refused any Holy Spirit filled destiny that he wanted to give me. Fortunately for me the anger simmered, I returned to God and I become more filled with his love, grace and compassion than ever before. I believe that this split lead to a stronger, more intimate relationship with God actually saved my life. In January 2017, I lost my youngest son in childbirth. If I had any less family support, or didn’t believe in the goodness and grace of the Father I surely would have died from a broken heart. In the first 6 months after his death, I was covered with amazing healing grace. I had visions and dreams of my son. I know that he is safe in the arms of Jesus as well as one of my aunts that died from breast cancer. She was there to greet him when he passed on to heaven. I saw them actually twirling together in a hug. His death should have negatively impacted my life, and even though I miss him, his death has changed my heart and soul and now I’m on fire for God. As you can imagine, I have several traumas that I am working through. I fully believe that some soul wound that I acquired before having my children has made it difficult to birth my children. I wish I had dedicated myself to getting them healed before I lost Eli. But all evil things are turned in God’s hand and he has used them for his good. I fell into gardening after I lost Eli and have become flower obsessed. I started up a flower farm on my homestead in the hopes of spreading love and joy in the form of flowers. In May, I received a prophecy that the flower farm will be my platform for my ministry and that through my own ministry I will receive healing. At your meeting my offering was sown into my flower farm with the hopes that I will receive direction/funds to keep the flower farm going as well as expand its reaches. I once again thank you for following God’s direction and for being a pioneer in the message you preach. I hope someday you’ll return to Yuba City and Glad Tidings.  XOXO -R. T.

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