Lesson 4

This week I am going to continue to talk about the accident I was in a few years back so you can see how God healed me and why!

We were now outside of the car and the ambulance came very quickly. I was laying on the pavement and the EMT’s placed oxygen on my face and, of course, I can’t talk to them. The staff member with me had been talking to my office manager at the time of the accident. Our office manager, who lived across the street from me at the time, ran across the street, so she and Robert were listening to everything that was happening! They were listening to the screaming and the ambulance drivers, but nobody was talking to them because we couldn’t talk. I think that phone ended up in our driver’s pocket. They heard everything play-by-play and were unable to ask us what was going on. As you can imagine, they were completely freaked out.

The EMT’s are trying to get me to talk…”Ma’am, ma’am, what’s your name, ma’am?” they kept asking in their Tennessee accent. All I could say was, “Urrrgghhh”! “Where does it hurt, ma’am?” “Urrrgghhh, urrrgghhh,” I replied. Then they brought the BIG collar and put it around my neck. Not only was I gasping for every breath, now I had a BIG collar to deal with!

Next, they began to try to tape me to a flat board. Every time they would lay me flat, the BIG collar would cut off what little breath I was able to take. I began kicking when they would try to lay me flat because I couldn’t tell them I could not breathe! This whole time the EMT’s are yelling, “Ma’am, ma’am, stop it, ma’am, stop it.” During this wrestling match I was thinking, No, you stop it. I’m going to kick you in the face. Get your hands off of me. This was a wrestling match that I was not going to lose because I was not going to suffocate to death!

I won…because I have that kind of anointing! They finally left me alone and for about forty minutes I was able to breathe by propping myself up sideways with my leg. Then suddenly pain began ripping down my back. I was afraid I had broken my back while fighting the EMT’s to breathe!

In the middle of all this, God was already working because that’s just the way He is. They had finally gotten me loaded into the ambulance but there was only one available because of all of the car wrecks that evening, so I had to wait for them to get my staff person loaded up also.

I found out later that our accident was on a Satanic High Holy Night. They have four a year and that was one of them. I think somebody doesn’t like us….too bad!

Before cutting her out of the car, our driver and the EMT’s were certain that my travel partner’s leg was broken, but I heard one of them say, “Wow! That’s amazing, I guess the other one’s leg isn’t broken, after all.” Of course, we know who was at work that night!

By the time we reached the hospital I was in severe respiratory distress. They called for a surgeon to come to the operating room (OR). The procedure for a hemothorax is to drill a hole and insert a tube into the chest cavity to suck out the blood. This releases the pressure on the lungs so they can fill up with air again. As soon as I was rolled through the OR doors and they were shut behind me…in one instant, I sucked in a breath, suddenly I could talk and the pain was gone! I was shocked and amazed!!

I asked one of the EMT’s, “David, did you give me a pill or a shot or something?” He said, “No, I’m not allowed to give you anything.” I said, “Well, I’ve had a miracle from God. I can breathe! My pain is totally diminished and my back doesn’t feel like it’s broken. Look, I can talk!” He was as amazed as I was!

As the OR nurses came into the room, I kept repeating, “Hi, my name is Katie Souza. I just got a miracle.” Then the surgeon arrived and I repeated, “Hi, my name is Katie Souza. I just got a miracle!” Of course, he wanted all the details. So I told him what had happened and then I said, “…then in one instant, I could talk and my pain has significantly reduced and I can breathe and it’s amazing! I’ve had a miracle.” Then, the surgeon got mad.

“Who called me down here? There’s a billion accidents tonight. Somebody called me here for a respiratory emergency, but this woman can breathe just fine!” he says, as he stomps out of the room. I didn’t care, I just said, “Yeah, I got a miracle!”

Our God is good! More about how He healed me next week! I promise it all works out…
Big love. KS

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  • Al Douma

    Awesome story! God bless!

  • Lillian Diebel

    Do you have a biography, or book on your testimony? I would love to read it.

  • Reine Magallon

    Praise God

  • Pauline Hoskins

    I enjoyed reading your blog! I also watch your shows and share with others. Way to go, Katie!
    Any chance of you coming to Canada, specifically Toronto? Please let me know, I’ll definitely help with the promotional aspect of your visit!

  • Pamela Dandley

    I need to know what happened!!! I waited a week to find out this part. Praise Jesus Katie
    I can’t wait to next week! ❤️ At least I know it all works out in the end.
    So glad you are ok now.

  • Steve

    God bless you Katie Souza! You’re going to WIN!!! Amazing story and testament of God’s Power! Those damn devils come riding through my home town sometimes too. It get’s like meham in the streets & that’s when I get my self back home asap! it’s almost like these drivers are possessed!
    Can’t wait to hear from you next week!
    Love & Blessing!

  • Dian Marti

    Cool story Katie!!!
    I love your Fighting/Winning Annointing!!!
    I hope/pray it’s contagious…i’d like to learn, but I think that’s just what you’re trying to teach us..LORD, PLEASE HELP ME LEARN…..

  • Louise Jennings

    Katie, some of the gals at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women are still talking about your visit to FCCW and The Captivity Series we studied.

  • Janet

    Thank you! I had tears that were as miraculously gone as your breathing issues while I read this story. Blessing and Graittude for your willingness to reach others through your testimonies!

  • Nick

    Note to any church organization wishing to bring Katie to town:
    When you pick her up from the airport, be sure to bring a limo or at least a super safe car.
    from Nick (a concerned Christian, St Louis, MO)

    • Robert Souza

      Thank you Nick

  • Leah

    Hi Katie, Praise the Lord! I love how your miracle came. I was in a similar incident where I had surgery. When I woke up, I had a tube going in my nose and I couldn’t breathe and on top of that I was so nauseated. It was such a horrible feeling, I literally thought I was going to die. My Mom was next to me and I told her I couldn’t breathe, to get help. I kept saying Jesus help me under my breathe. The nurse came in and Mom told her I couldn’t breathe and she said well you have to keep it in. So they were both looking at me and I just started pulling the tube out of my nose. The nurse was saying stop and I just kept pulling and pulling. I had no idea, but that tube went all the way into my stomach. Once I got it out I could breathe again and the nausea immediately left. The nurse said the Doctor is going to be mad and he will probably put it back in and I said Oh NO he won’t! I knew it was the Holy Spirit leading me to get that tube out. I felt totally fine after that. The Doctor came in the morning with the tube and smiling, like he was going to put it back it. I looked at him and said God told me to pull it out. He just shock his head. Praise God for the Great Physician and the leading of the Holy Spirit! Can’t wait to hear more about your story!

  • Teresa

    Love God and be blessed!
    That’s what Katie does and look at all the miracles she received!
    Woo hoooo! Praises to God our miracle working God!

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