Not Any More!

Lesson 12

We agree there is redemptive power in the blood of Jesus. However, most of us overlook, or simply don’t know about the healing, restoration power of dunamis. It was dunamis power that raised Jesus from the dead.

Without the Resurrection, Jesus would be just another dead man in a tomb. The payment He made for us to be healed of sin and sickness would be dead in the tomb with Him. We need both the cross and the Resurrection.

Have you considered what it means to be baptized into Christ? In the act of baptism, we go down into water. Symbolically, we go down in death with Christ at the cross. But, fortunately, we come back up out of the water. We come out of the water to new life at the Resurrection. We don’t go down in death at the cross and stay under the water. (That’s good because otherwise it would be really hard to get people in the water!)

We come up to new life at the Resurrection. It’s both. There’s not just the cross. There’s the cross and the Resurrection. Down in death at the cross, up to new life at the Resurrection. Praise Jesus!

Sometimes, when I teach this, people seem to be offended by the idea. They think I am diminishing the work Jesus did on the cross. That is far from my mind or intention. In fact, I’m saying we need everything Jesus did for us. He gave us access to all of it. Those of us who are baptized into Christ have access to the blood that came from the cross and to this dunamis power that came from the Resurrection.

We have it but we may not be aware, so we haven’t tapped into it. We haven’t decreed our souls excellent. We haven’t prayed for the wounds in our souls to be healed by dunamis, so we are still sick and broke and divorced and generally having major issues and debacles.

We have to start praying that our souls are filled with dunamis. That is Biblical.

As recorded in Ephesians 3:16, Paul prayed, “May he grant you out of the rich treasury of his glory, to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in your inner man by the Holy Spirit himself. He prayed we would be filled with “mighty power”. “Power”, as used here, is the Greek word “dunamis.” Paul prayed that power would go into our inner man, our soul. When our souls are filled with this mighty power of dunamis, we will be strengthened and reinforced in our souls.

So Paul instructed us to pray that way. I think it looks like this: “Now, God, I’ve been baptized into Christ, I’ve got both the blood and the resurrection. I went down in death with Jesus at the cross but I came up to Him in new life at the Resurrection. That’s why I will have new life. I have the new life given to me because I have the Resurrection power. I command my soul to be filled with dunamis. I decree, I am excellent of soul. I decree every wound inside me is being healed right now. I have the power of dunamis. I decree I am strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in my inner man right now.”

All this time, we’ve missed the second step. When I started doing this, it changed my life. I always wondered why it seemed I could pray and pray, repent over and again and still be mad at someone, or still be sick or still have that same problem in my life.

God led me to understand it was because I had a wound. (Many wounds, in fact.) The soul wounds drove me to stay mad, stay sick and make problems for myself and those around me. The soul wounds had me then, but no more. Praise Jesus! Not anymore!

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