Mrs. Souza, Thank you for your work in Jesus name. It is thru your “The Key to your Expected End” book that I have been able to talk and deliver the words of our Lord God to the “inmates” in our facility. I have read your book and thus prayed for the inmate population. I’m not a devoted Christian as I should be. I have my burdens of sin upon me that weigh me down. Nonetheless, I always ask the Lord to strengthen me and provide words of encouragement for our inmate population. Recently I approached an inmate out of the blue and I believe the Holy Spirit moved me to him. I asked the inmate, “Why are you here.” I asked him 3 times before he flat out told me, “God put me here.” Then I went on to talk to him about sin and repentance, and about obedience to Gods Word. This young man was set to go to trial and was being offered 20 years of prison life. But I think because of my talk with him, his kneeling down and talking to God that night, he went to trial the following morning, he received only 2 years probation on ALL his charges. It was a week later that I saw this inmate again and he told me, “Boss, I want to thank you for talking to me that night, I knelt and prayed, and turned over my life to God, my family and Jesus. And because of your talks, I will be a free man.” I responded by telling him, “God has shown you his power and love for you, now it’s your turn to go out there and show God your love for Him.” I have continued to preach to those that want to hear the word of God. Often I pray before work and ask the Holy Spirit to speak thru me to these inmates because God knows I’m not a ministry man nor am I a devoted Christian. But I have always asked The Lord, Please Lord, use this poor soul of mine as an instrument of your peace to spread your message to those in need and those that have wondered away from you. I suppose that is what He is doing. My life is less than perfect. I ask you say a little prayer for my lost soul and again I thank you for the inspirational book that has opened up MY eyes to the poor souls in prison around me. God Bless. -A. F.

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