No Remorse or Guilt

PRAISE JESUS!!!! Victory in Trials, my first listen, HALLELUJAH!!!! VICTORY!!! VICTORY!!!!
I have been plagued by uncontrollable impulses, literally loss of focus, concentration, brain/mind freeze (could not call out or on Jesus for help). Sin would easily beset me constantly!!!! At work, I was constantly attacked by Satan and his forces because he had legal rights. BUT… NO MORE!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
VICTORY!!!VICTORY!!!! No mind/brain freeze, no loss of focus, and no loss of concentration. Stayed with my mind on Jesus for a FULL 8 HOURS at work!!!! No sin easily besetting me, no shame, remorse or guilt. PRAISE the LORD!!! I started listening to this ministry last year wanting very much to receive deliverance, I learned so much about being among the tombs, satan using food, night soaks, how our souls being wounded, and how much we need to be healed. It’s all been a blessing (though there were low times when nothing seemed to be happening). Also, taking of Communion, WOW THAT REALLY STARTED TURNING THINGS AROUND FOR ME!!! I just love this ministry. I HAVE RECEIVED MY FIRST DELIVERANCE AND I AM BELIEVING HEAVEN FOR MORE!!!! GOD BLESS YOU KATIE SOUZA MINISTRIES, YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!!- A.S.

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