No More Migraines

Hello I want to say a BIG thank you for your faith and ministry. This morning I was listening to a teaching about faith, and suddenly I felt a migraine  coming on and so I decided to go to sleep. It was a strong headache and  sleep would not come. Then I realized, where is my faith? Can God help me? Can Jesus heal me from these migraines? And I found your teachings on You tube. I felt the power of your prayers in my body and my bad headache migraine stopped, but I wasn’t sure if it would stay gone. So I go with my son to his friends birthday party. Can you imagine hanging out at a five year old  birthday party with a migraine? Children were shouting, and running around me. I felt a little nervous, but I haven’t had a headache since! It was a miracle! I believe I will never have another migraine! Praise Jesus. He is so AWESOME! -D. N.

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