No Braces and No Canes

Lesson 3

“They [idols] have mouths, but they speak not; eyes have they, but they see not.” Psalm 135:16 (KJV)

“But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk.” Revelation 9:20 (NKJV)

So, how do the above verses impact us? Last time, I shared with you that the demon god Amon had caused one of my employees to have ammonia levels so high that he had Alzheimer type symptoms. When you have idolatry in your life, including generational idol worship, it can also affect the ability to hear in the natural, because idols are deaf. It can cause blindness. It can cause muttering or stuttering, because they can’t speak. It can cause one to be crippled, because idols can’t walk. The reason many miracles where eyes and ears are opened, happens overseas is because they openly worship idols, so many are in need of this healing.

The Bible tells us that Jesus healed blind Bartomaeus, who was born blind; and scripture makes a point of telling us that he was the son of Tomaeus. The name Tomaeus means “to defile oneself with idols”! His father was an idolater that probably led the whole family into idolatry. And remember, idols cannot see. I believe generational idol worship caused Bartomaeus to be born blind!

At one of my events, a man named Gunther had a crippling disease. However, he was healed and able to walk once the idol came out of his soul. He told me, “Last night, I came (to the meeting). I had two orthopedic braces on both knees, and walked with a cane. About nine months ago, I woke up, and I couldn’t put any weight on my left knee. I worked through it for about nine weeks, before I finally went to the doctor, who referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, who said my femur was fracturing, and he doesn’t know why. They put me in a brace. About nine weeks later, I went back, and he said, ‘It’s kind of healing.’ But then my right knee went, fracturing both the femur and the tibia. He (the doctor) doesn’t know why. They had no course of action. He said I’m not even a good prospect for knee replacements, because if the bone keeps fracturing, the replacement won’t hold. I came last night. You talked about knees. I said, ‘Lord, I’ve been waiting. I take this. You spoke it to me.’ I’m here this morning; I couldn’t squat. A doctor asked me, can I squat down? I said, ‘There’s no way.’”

He told me that after the meeting the previous night, he had walked about a block, still wearing his orthopedic supports, and had no pain. He had walked from the parking lot into the meeting that morning with no pain! I asked him, “So, now you don’t have them on (the orthopedic supports). So, you walked from the car with no pain. Were you thinking at that moment, I’ve been healed?”

“I believe the Lord healed me; it’s obvious. I don’t have the braces on. I couldn’t walk without them. I had to rely on a cane to walk with, to stabilize me. I couldn’t hold my weight; there was no way. First time in nine months, I haven’t had any pain. The pain was so excruciating at times. Scale of 10, it was 12 or 13. I mean, if you’ve ever had it, it’s unbelievably painful.”

His bones had disintegrated so much that they were fracturing and breaking. He said both femurs and the right tibia looked like spider webs. Everything was just shattering, they had no idea why, and they couldn’t diagnose it.

Then, he did a squat for me, and went down the stairs with no braces and no canes!

Remember, idols cannot walk. We have our own sin and trauma in our souls, but we are also born with generational sin and trauma. He didn’t say anything about idolatry in his life, but I believe he got healed of an idol! Why? Because in that same meeting (and I have the videos to prove it), three people came up on stage and testified that during the healing activation, they had to run out of the room, go to the bathroom, and when they urinated, it smelled strongly like ammonia!

So there was a realm open there that night for people to get healed of idolatry!

I will be explaining how having idols in your soul will also block your extraordinary gifts. I’m telling you, don’t miss any of these blogs!

Big Love,

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  • Darlene K

    I was asking people for prayer for recently dislocated shoulder and fractured humerus on 12/31. Literally within seconds this email arrived about bones and idols. Praise God for this revelation as I couldn’t figure out why it happened. I will now pray that HS reveals any connection with idols repent and move forward expecting miraculous healing. Thankyou!!


    Hello Katie,
    I have been reading all of the testimonies of people and families who have been healed and delivered from generational and other types of curses through your Ministry. I sure would like God to do the same for mine.

    I am seeing some strange behaviors with my children which I know is NOT normal. At times when they speak and the things that comes out of their just not them..and other times like they are back to normal.
    Katie this has to STOP.
    I believe God has chosen me to be the curse breaker for the family.
    My question to you is..How do I attend one of your services..where is your location..I would love to be in attendance. What can I do in the mean time. WE NEED TOTAL HEALING AND DELIVERANCE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    Looking forward to your response.

  • Twinkii G.

    Dear Katie, and team,
    I thank God for the awesome revelations that expectedendministries has been blessed with, to share with the body of Christ.
    You’re helping to spiritualized thought about our bodies, relationships and our oneness with the Father. He wants us whole and to bless us continually. Yes, to give us an expected end!
    Keep up the good work!
    You are loved!

  • maria lyon

    You are so precious Katie. I am so thankful for you! I have had so much pain in my life and your Biblical revelation is so healing for me. Thank…praying for protection and blessings for y’all♡

  • Lawson

    Glory to Jesus! Katie’s Healing School CD set is so comprehensive in it’s teachings, healings and breaking of curses. I advice others to get it. I listened and used it at home. So many breakthroughs financially and spiritually. There was a moment in the CD that Katie was decreeing curses to be broken and my whole body was just shaking and I was weeping uncontrollably. Miracles every day. God Bless Katie Souza Ministries and all partners who help the spread of the Gospel #Shalom