No Anxiety No Fear

Katie, I wanted to reach out and tell you how I have been blessed by your ministry. I started watching your programs in early May of this year. A church friend posted a video on Facebook and as I was scrolling, I stopped on your video but it took few days later before I made time to sit down and watch. Rewinding a little bit, the beginning of 2017 my anxiety and anxiety attacks I felt like I could not control them anymore. I had suffered keeping them under control for nearly 12 years. My first attack happened behind the wheel of a car, I was alone and my entire body lost feeling and the extreme pain would radiate from head to toe. At that time, the heart specialist told me if I did not learn to control them I could have a stroke as I was having upwards of three major attacks a day even on medicine. The trauma from that incident stripped me of living a normal life as I was afraid to drive, be in small spaces, etc would trigger the attacks. It took me a year from the time of the first attack to be able to drive alone or even be in public places. Fast-forwarding to May of 2017 I had reached that point of no longer being able to control my anxiety, it ruled my life. My husband was out of town during the week and it was just me and my 7-year-old and 1 year old. I watched your first 3 programs on Youtube and ever since then, I’ve had NO ANXIETY! NO FEAR! I have the peace the Bible speaks of. Now that it’s been 5 months later I still wake up so grateful that it is gone and that is NOT the only thing that has been healed. My mind chatter is GONE, I cursed a lot and that left me INSTANTLY, depression left me, I chronically watched anything paranormal and the desire is GONE! I have dealt with anger issues all my life and that was INSTANTLY GONE! And now I have visions during the day! Katie, I love your programs and you are teaching me so much. I watch you every single day. Thank you for blessing us with the teachings The Lord has given to you. I can now live at peace and finally start my life at 35 without attacks. I always knew there was something more to God and this is it! – M. M.

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