New Levels!!!

I am a new partner and was introduced to Katie Souza’s ministry about a month ago. I was very grateful for direct instruction. I work in education, so making content accessible for people to apply the learning is a huge thing I look for in ministry. Katie Souza is an amazing teacher.

I was listening to the recorded live mentor session this month because I could not make it live. I also read about the 40 days fast and wanted to participate. Unfortunately, I had no idea about the concept of ascending. Even still, I decided to start. I am on day four of the fast. I looked up a video on ascending today (on day four, today) to try and learn about it. After l finished listening to part one of her sermon series (just now), I learned that I have been ascending and didn’t even know it!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and grateful. It literally happened the first night of the 40 days fast, but I didn’t understand what was happening. I also realized that I was having encounters during the soaking, but did not know what was happening.

Katie Souza has opened up a whole new level of revelation to me and I cannot wait to learn more and go deeper. I did not know what soaking was either and just started learning about it from this ministry.

Thank you Katie Souza Ministries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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