New Beginnings

Lesson 1

Okay, are you guys ready? Amen. Thank you, Jesus, for being here with us now. We know that you’re going to heal people. We are not going to be the same. I’m decreeing healings in the mind, the will, the emotions, the physical bodies, in family relationships, in businesses, in ministries, in every area of their life, Lord. We decree and we believe it because we know that it is Your will to bring Your people into fullness, into life and life abundant and we decree that right now in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Okay, we’re going to learn a lot over these next series of lessons. I’m going to be focusing a lot on the soul and how our souls literally get wounded. You are going to be amazed when you see Biblical proof from the Word how the wounded soul affects every single area of your life. It’s just this wide variety and assortment of issues that can raise up in your life when your soul man gets wounded. Our spirit man isn’t making any problems for us. It’s born again in Christ. It’s perfect. (Romans 8:9; John 14:23) So, it’s our soul man that’s allowing various things to happen in our lives.

When your soul gets wounded, it can affect every area of your life, like your mind, your will, and your emotions. It can cause strongholds in your mind, cause you to think wrong thoughts. It can control your will, cause you to make wrong decisions. When you have wounds in your soul, it can control your emotions, cause you to feel painful, negative, hurtful emotions. When your soul is wounded, it affects every area of your life. You’re going to see relationships can be directly affected by wounds in the soul. The soul is causing adultery. It’s causing divorce. It’s even causes infertility. I’ll show you that in Scripture in the process of these lessons. The soul is responsible for so many issues in our life. You see church splits happening because of people with wounded souls. You see businesses breaking up because of the soul.

You see prosperity is not coming to the body of Christ because the body is wounded in its soul. That’s what the Bible says in 3 John 1, right? It says that we will be prospered, and in health, even as our soul prospers. You’ll see a lot of financial issues are going to shift in your life once you get your soul healed, amen?

And your health, I mean, I have seen such a wide variety of diseases and disorders that come upon people when they have wounds in their soul, long-term illnesses, directly connected to the soul. Bone issues, directly connected to the soul. Cancers, directly connected to the soul. Diseases, bacteria’s, viruses, ailments, you would not believe the list! Inflammations, all those diseases, and disorders can be attributed to our soul man. You’re going to be amazed when you see all the Scriptural proof that we’re going to bring forth over the course of these lessons to show you how such a wide variety, assortment and a myriad of problems and issues are directly connected to your soul.

And, that when you get your soul healed, you’re going to see a shift. You’re going to see your health completely change. You’re going to see your marriages shift. You’re going to have the marriage of your dreams when your soul gets healed, amen? You’re going to see churches sticking together, not breaking up. You’re going to see businesses be successful. You’re going to see yourself go out and start to heal the sick, drive out demons, raise the dead, and cleanse lepers! You’re going to have a new level of authority and dominion once you learn about the soul, amen? You’re going to become supernatural people.

You know, it’s amazing, I live in a flow of supernatural miracles. Almost every single day, I have some kind of miracle happen in my life. And you know what? It’s become normal to be supernatural. Completely normal. And that’s the way it should be. God is a supernatural God and we’re his children. Stay tuned for more next week, Big love, KS

  • Olga Marais

    I would really like to decree fertility over my body and your decrees and teachings about this subject. My friend and I are seeing breakthroughs in our health through participating in healing the soul ministry.
    Praise the Lord!
    Lots of blessings
    Olga Marais

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