Never Give Up

I decided to put my house up for sale because I found my mom on the floor twice! So, I decided to sell the house and move into my sister’s condo building. Within a month I got the condo (Miracle 1), but it had no shower in her room, just a toilet and sink. I found a plumber to put in a shower. Someone in the government signed for the plumbing, but the city inspectors could not find the manager that signed the go ahead (Miracle 2). The contractor wanted more money, but I was waiting for the house to be sold, so he put a lean on the condo and was suing me for 27K. We (Katie’s ministry) prayed… his lawyers put the lean on wrong property (Miracle 3)! I asked my real estate agent for a new contractor. He got his good friend to help, knowing we were in a jam.

Due to all the stress, bitterness, and hatred, I was attacked in my body by what Katie calls “the Egyptian botch”! I had a rash from head to toe, lost half my hair and my face was almost unrecognizable. The skin specialist said it was Rosacea of some sort. So, I asked for prayers continually and confessed the word of God that somehow people would not notice (since I work with the public). Thank God for makeup and soaking to Katie’s teaching on bitterness! I played it 24 hours a day in my room. The healing of my skin was gradual. It was my mom’s dream to go to Israel, so we went there the last two weeks of June, 2017. The day we got there, my mother slipped in the bedroom! We were in and out of hospital for a week. The last week we were there, I told her, “We are going to the tomb!” I was like a crazy women, “Everybody step back, she’s going in!” A Mexican pastor was in there the same time she was. I said to him if she falls it’s your fault!” He said, “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,” and out he went! I prayed for my mom and she walked out of that tomb without pain! (Miracle 4)

On July 2nd, the day after coming home, I went to get groceries, and due to stress, I fainted at the steering wheel of my brand new car and totaled it! I was traumatized and in bed for a week. Again, I called for prayer. This time my body went through swelling and my legs and knees were injured. I was still experiencing body swelling when I had my picture taken with Katie in November. I was charged with careless driving and got a $500 dollar ticket, plus 6 points off my license! God gave me a strategy for my court date on December 18th. I went to court wearing my uniform (I work for the CATSA). The police officer and four witnesses were there. The crown called me up and said that I should seek counsel. I agreed and the case was postponed until February 5, 2018. Again, I called for prayer that the officer and witnesses would not show up for court. Once again I wore my uniform, but this time Holy Spirit said, “No, don’t show it, keep your jacket on.” The crown called me up and I said that I had my medical report with me. He asked if anyone else was involved or if there were any other damages. Since the officer and witnesses did not show up, my case was dismissed! (Miracle 5) So, to celebrate, I got this image photo-shopped! This really lifted my spirits…you can see I finally got all my hair back and I’m looking much better!

I urge whoever is reading this testimony to never give up and never give in! I remember closing my eyes in the shower and focusing on Jesus! I would confess the word while holding onto the grip bars and say, “My hair is blessed! By His stripes I’m healed! The blood of Jesus washes me!” I love Katie and her team so much and I’m so grateful to all of you …can’t wait for you all to come to Canada finally. – Rita

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