Lesson 13

When I was incarcerated I received a word from God, which I interpreted to mean that I would be home by Thanksgiving of 2001. As many of you already know, that did not happen and I was not released until November 23, 2003. This was a pivotal time for me because during those additional years I began writing my first book, The Captivity Series, The Key to Your Expected End. But, it was also a time of soul searching and pain.

Many of us are facing great challenges during the holidays, so I wanted to use this blog to give you some understanding and insight to my own personal struggle. As you read my notes from my journals, I pray that you will see the hand and the goodness of God, even when we do not understand what He is doing.

September 1, 2001
Looking toward God’s promise that I would be released by November 21st. Humble me Lord, trying to call Aunt Pat to find out about mom. Called my aunt Carol and she said she got a word from the Lord for mom!! “Mercy within mercy, within mercy”. I witness to that because I’ve been praying for mercy within this time Father! We are trusting You. You making this happen will be giving my mom mercy. Thanksgiving and us all being there at mom’s to eat…

September 25, 2001
As I was going to sleep, I was asking the Father to give me something to show me that I was in His will when I told people I would be home before or by Thanksgiving. November 21st is one day before Thanksgiving. I would have to be home then in order to cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner the next day!! If I got home on the 22nd, I would have no time to eat and cook. I asked the Father if I would be home in time to eat Thanksgiving…I was just thinking about how to cook potato soup for mom then I started to pray.

November 19, 2001
Last night I heard a man on the radio doing a teaching on the talents parable. He kept saying over and over again that the instruction was that we need to take a risk for the Kingdom of God. That’s what it’s all about, we need to take the talents (word) God gives us and spread it around, invest it, take a risk, with it. Oh thank you Lord that You have given me the boldness to take risks for your Kingdom by spreading my out date throughout this campus. I have taken a risk. If it multiplies the Kingdom, it will be blessed.

November 20, 2001
Lord help me, I beg you. I beg you Lord, prepare this vessel. Have me yield to the pressure and molding. You told me to appeal. You told me three years. You told me November 21st. You told me Father; you told me Lord. I beg you Father to do as you have said in the name of your Son. On September 25th at 11:30 the Father gave me 57 days as the answer to my question. Will I be home for Thanksgiving? Was I stupid to be telling everybody that or not? Lord fill me with your peace.

January 20, 2002
I haven’t written for months, since the November 21st trip and massacre. I’m still recovering, unsure of what to do and afraid. All I can do is continue to pray and go to services. I actually did a bible study a week ago and I have begun to be able to pray with some ability and remain focused.

March 12, 2002
I called home and mom and Dad announced to me that I won my appeal. I had to ask three times, “what?” I didn’t expect it but it happened! Praise God! What a mighty God we serve.

September of 2002
Found out that my out date is Nov 23, 03 which is a Sunday so that means that my date is November 21st, a Friday. The prophecy came to pass!!

You can see that the prophecy came to pass, just not as I had originally thought it would! Much happened in that two years of waiting and trusting. I have journals full of dreams, prayers, and daily happenings from that time. I pray that if you are in the waiting room right now, you will not give up hope or discount God. He never fails! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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