Never Give up Hope

Lesson 13

When I was incarcerated I received a word from God, which I interpreted to mean that I would be home by Thanksgiving of 2001. As many of you already know, that did not happen and I was not released until November 23, 2003. This was a pivotal time for me because during those additional years I began writing my first book, The Captivity Series, The Key to Your Expected End. But, it was also a time of soul searching and pain.

Many of us are facing great challenges during the holidays, so I wanted to use this blog to give you some understanding and insight to my own personal struggle. As you read my notes from my journals, I pray that you will see the hand and the goodness of God, even when we do not understand what He is doing.

September 1, 2001
Looking toward God’s promise that I would be released by November 21st. Humble me Lord, trying to call Aunt Pat to find out about mom. Called my aunt Carol and she said she got a word from the Lord for mom!! “Mercy within mercy, within mercy”. I witness to that because I’ve been praying for mercy within this time Father! We are trusting You. You making this happen will be giving my mom mercy. Thanksgiving and us all being there at mom’s to eat…

September 25, 2001
As I was going to sleep, I was asking the Father to give me something to show me that I was in His will when I told people I would be home before or by Thanksgiving. November 21st is one day before Thanksgiving. I would have to be home then in order to cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner the next day!! If I got home on the 22nd, I would have no time to eat and cook. I asked the Father if I would be home in time to eat Thanksgiving…I was just thinking about how to cook potato soup for mom then I started to pray.

November 19, 2001
Last night I heard a man on the radio doing a teaching on the talents parable. He kept saying over and over again that the instruction was that we need to take a risk for the Kingdom of God. That’s what it’s all about, we need to take the talents (word) God gives us and spread it around, invest it, take a risk, with it. Oh thank you Lord that You have given me the boldness to take risks for your Kingdom by spreading my out date throughout this campus. I have taken a risk. If it multiplies the Kingdom, it will be blessed.

November 20, 2001
Lord help me, I beg you. I beg you Lord, prepare this vessel. Have me yield to the pressure and molding. You told me to appeal. You told me three years. You told me November 21st. You told me Father; you told me Lord. I beg you Father to do as you have said in the name of your Son. On September 25th at 11:30 the Father gave me 57 days as the answer to my question. Will I be home for Thanksgiving? Was I stupid to be telling everybody that or not? Lord fill me with your peace.

January 20, 2002
I haven’t written for months, since the November 21st trip and massacre. I’m still recovering, unsure of what to do and afraid. All I can do is continue to pray and go to services. I actually did a bible study a week ago and I have begun to be able to pray with some ability and remain focused.

March 12, 2002
I called home and mom and Dad announced to me that I won my appeal. I had to ask three times, “what?” I didn’t expect it but it happened! Praise God! What a mighty God we serve.

September of 2002
Found out that my out date is Nov 23, 03 which is a Sunday so that means that my date is November 21st, a Friday. The prophecy came to pass!!

You can see that the prophecy came to pass, just not as I had originally thought it would! Much happened in that two years of waiting and trusting. I have journals full of dreams, prayers, and daily happenings from that time. I pray that if you are in the waiting room right now, you will not give up hope or discount God. He never fails! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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  • margaret kamau

    Hi Katie, i am a Kenyan i like your teaching and i have learned a lot from them, like yesterday my entire family Husband, two boys were all not feeling well, i did not have cash to take them to hospital, so when i arrived home i prayed with them like you have taught us, infact my husband was badly off,within a very short time they were all okay we went to hospital and even before they took the medication they were all back to normal, glory unto our God…

    as form January i will be partnering with you as God will enable me cause for real you are help to many..

  • Heather

    Praise God!!! I get so full of Joy and awe when I read everything you have to say and teach.. it gives us all hope and paints such a loving picture of our loving God.. I am a catholic so always feel that just going to Sunday mass is not enough.. I love you and other Christians like yourself to grow and learn more.. I’ve learnt so much from Katie and am so grateful I have found her.. God bless you all 🙂

  • Sharon

    Oh Katie, Of all your blogs, I think this one – your journal entry has blessed me the most thus far, ka nnete (for real)!
    God Bless you…like its your birthday
    Amen Amen

  • Debra Albino

    I love our Pa Pa, I love his children,
    Thank you Katie!!!!!

  • mark tuemmler

    I needed that today. I have been waiting for a complete healing that has not happened yet but I believe God told me it would happen so I am encouraged reading this word by Katie. I will keep pressing in!

  • Linda Alswager

    Thank you Katie for sharing. I’m going thru the biggest trial of my life with my son who is mentally filled with fear. We are almost homeless at this time. I’m a believer but my son’s faith has been destroyed at this time. Please pray for us. Only God’s grace has gotten us thru and kept my sanity. Keep on Katie. In Christ love

  • Bunmi

    Thank you so much for this. I could totally relate to the writeup. I am in a situation that also feels like I am in prison. So you really got the emotion. Now I see where I am wrong. I don’t get a word from God and then I try to force His hand. Lord I desperately need your help to make me into the woman you saw before the foundations of the earth. Help me to yield to your good will for me. Amen

  • Mila

    I give Thanks to God for you Katie. Thank you for writing this, every year when Resurrection Sunday is upon us, I get this sense that God is about to do something BIG in my life, like manifest the opening of my deaf ears. He promised He’d do that ” @ the Appointed Time.” It’s been years and years gone by and I don’t want to let go of His promise. Perhaps there are things hindering me or something in me needs to be worked out so that I will be Ready. Whatever it is..God’s timing is perfect so I will stay in Expectation while I’m in the ” Waiting Room “

  • Cathy

    My husbands first out date is Sept 2018. I and our children have been praying so very hard for over 6 years now in sept he will have been gone 7 years. He hasn’t been able to get the faith in Jesus as I have so he doesn’t believe God can over turn the corrections department. I know he can and I know he will. Our kids are now 16,13 and 10 two boys and a girl. I’m failing as a mom getting them to do homework and school and working full time plus I know God is brining my husband Home. Thank you for your story. God bless

  • Karen C Appleby

    Thank you so much for this testimony, Katie. I am 76 years old. There are more things for me to do, but I am fighting so many physical problems that I move like a snail. God told me several years ago that there was a time for my healing. Every day I thank God in the midst of pain. I continue to use my giftings at the church. I teach deliverance to people. I teach young mothers how to handle their children. I have 2 email prayer teams and I head up Wednesday noon prayer, but I still feel that I am not doing the one things God wants. I am in so much pain with the physical problems I have and I am becoming discouraged. Your testimony here helped. Thank you.

  • Anita Coutu

    Thanks for sharing Katie.

  • Katy Pustejovsky

    Thank-you so very much for sharing your Journal, My Son has been locked up almost 20yrs. now, I have always encouraged him to keep a journal. After reading this I must practice what I preach. (The struggle is real) The LORD revealed to me to give up Coffee a long time ago, When I do I walk in victory? Please pray for me I am drinking it again and feel it isn’t fair that I can’t when everyone is doing it, (I know cry baby) The benefits of giving up Coffee are Amazing, So why is it such a struggle? I stumbled on to you late at night on you tube, so very grateful I did! Your Ministry has changed my life! Love and Prayers!

  • Reneiloe Sepharatla

    thank you so much for the word

  • Jacqueline

    I wanted to share with a few of you that have those in prison. I want you to know that when you pray without ceasing God will answer those prayers.. I also was in prison and I prayed day and night and night and day and shared the word with others prayed every night for everyone and for the mighty warring angels to protect us and keep us safe from the enemy I prayed for the facility and the courts and judges and prosecutors and my enemies who were giving false testimony.. I knew in my heart I was innocent and that God also knew this. I had found Katies book The keys to your expected end ! It kept seeming to land in my path until I finally picked it up and read it and when I did I could not put it down and I read it more than once then I started a bible study and now I donate so that others can get it too. I tell everyone I can about it.. this book was Gods message to me as to how to pray and to pray without ceasing and as I read the bible daily I mediated on Gods word I knew that God would deliver me. I was told repeatedly NO one gets bail in the feds and NO one beats the feds. What most dont know is that God is greater than any man and what he decides and is His will it will be done!
    In the courtroom in July 2017 it seemed like all was going against me and I heard a voice say “stop be still pray” (I realized in this moment i was depending on men and showing evidence proof etc.. yet i was NOT looking to God in this moment) then I stopped and I bowed my head and began to pray. without ceasing .. then I heard “look up” I did and I saw something in the judges face.. and I knew God was present. I then put my head back down and began praying again.. then I heard the Judge Say “your going home” I felt like a weight had been lifted i felt chills from head to toe.. and I looked back at my Finance, children and family and saw this utter look of shock and disbelief like “what just happened” jaws were dropped even the opposing side! I prayed again and Thanked God!! with overwhelming Joy! Even so the enemies tried to keep me to hinder my release.. for 2 months after this and God gave me a dream with a test score of 95 and then another with a time 1:42 on it.. and showed me a clock. I was confused. trying to understand this.. and thought well maybe on Sept 5th at 1:42 I would be released. then Sept 5th came and 1:42 passed and I thought.. I must have been utterly wrong .. and yet It kept nagging at me later that evening.. My uncle emailed and said.. I got the paperwork I filed it today!! your coming HOME!! I was in awe of what an amazing God we have.. and then I got out on 9/7 (they tried to play a dirty game but God told me the day before the problem and I pointed it out to my uncle and we fixed it unbeknownst to them ) my appointed lawyer intentionally hypoed something and knew it and then told us NOT to worry about it .. but God said “no no go fix it” and so we did and so when he went in to file the final document my appointed lawyer said “well I dont think she will be released today because there is a problem with the paperwork.. ” and my Uncle said NO problem Its been fixed and corrected.. !! We knew you would say this.. and he smiled and they looked defeated.. I went home on 9/7 if you add up 1+4+2= 7 clock the test was 9/5 to listen and fix the paperwork the time to leave was 9/7 (hence 1:42) God is good all the time!! Believe and have faith !! God will deliver your loved ones and know that he can do ANYTHING.. !! FYI .. before I left the Judges court room on that day in July he said to me “I will have you know .. God does not call the shots in my courtroom !! I do!! ” I wanted to say something but i heard God say “be humble be silent” and I listened. KNOW that God can do anything. .. he is Omnipotent Omnipresent the Alpha the Omega the ONE and only our Father in heaven!! Jesus is LORD>!! 😉

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