My hair has grown back!

Hello, I am emailing to testify that I watched a service of Katie last month, July on youtube. A lady was testifying how Katie prayed for her for hair growth due to the fact she had very little hair. At the service, Katie and the lady joined hands & prayed for anyone who wants to receive lustrous, thick, long hair. I raised up my hands and received the impartation. The last time I was at my stylist was the first of June, my hair was at my neck in the back. Side note, I had been praying for GOD to restore my hair. I had long, thick and healthy hair growing up but about 3 years it went south. I was always having to get my hair cut because it was damaged. Last week, I went to my stylist and she was blown away how my hair has grown. It is down my back. I had forgotten about the impartation until tonight when The Holy Spirit reminded. Praise The LORD! for what HE has done for me. I look forward to total restoration in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Katie, and the lady for you all prayers and your impartation, Katie.


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