Mountain Moving Faith

Mountain Moving Faith
 by Katie Souza while incarcerated in 2001

"In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one…”
Ephesians 6:16 (ESV)

Sherrie told me she had a dream about me on Friday morning. Someone was throwing a knife at me. It started out pointy and sharp, morphed to look like children’s scissors, then dissolved into sparkles and fell to the floor. The knife couldn’t hurt me; it was like I had a protective shield around me! As I was writing this I got a revelation. My faith is getting bigger and bigger every day! The bigger the faith, the bigger the shield, and the more arrows we can deflect.

I got a Holy Spirit teaching while making tuna. Once you know about reproach, that demonic force is exposed and can’t attack as much. The Lord answered my prayer. I asked Him to help me be able to teach this concept to everyone. Then today, I got to talk to Julie and her friend about what the Lord is teaching me.

I got more revelation from Holy Spirit during choir practice. God showed me that last month when I had first prayed about the confirmation of being home for Thanksgiving, there was a slight difference from the prayer the following night. The night of the 24th, I asked God to confirm that I would be going home in time for Thanksgiving, but I got no answer. Why? Because that night I was wondering just how the Lord would go about confirming that to me. But, the next night, I gave a specific request. I asked him to calculate the days or weeks. The first night I hadn’t asked Him for a specific kind of confirmation, so if He would have given me the answer, I wouldn't have known what it was in reference to. I wouldn't have been able to add it up, and I wouldn't have believed it or thought it was from God. I would have thought the answer was from me. So, God waited till the next night to answer because that's when I got more specific, and He knew that would make for less confusion. He is a God of order and not of confusion.

During choir, I got a word for Coral that God was going to take her to a new level and that He was going to show her things about Him that she's never known before. I got that she had been oppressed for a long time. I told her all this after I prayed and asked the Lord what she should do to get out of being stuck like she is… The word "pray" came, then the Lord told me that she had been asking the same question for a long time. I was to tell her that also, so she would believe.


I read this the day I got the dream about Dad (Jack Caple) on September 23rd, and it is really good.  “When we harbor resentment and bitterness toward another person, we are building a wall that will divide us.  As time goes along and we still do not forgive, that wall increases in size, and, as the wall gets higher and thicker, we lose track of what is happening with the person on the other side.  The person doesn’t seem to matter anymore.  All that matters is our memory of the way that he or she hurt us and the hostility we feel.  After a while, we begin to believe that the wall is all there is.  Even if the other person wanted to make amends, we would not be able to allow it. 

Forgiveness removes the wall – sometimes all at once, and sometimes piece by piece.   We begin to see past our hurt to the other person again and, as the wall shrinks, the possibility grows that the two of us can once again be in a relationship.  God’s forgiveness of us is the same.  How often we build a wall of self-judgment, guilt, and shame that would close God out!  But God has told us that we who believe are no longer under judgment.  When we remember this, the wall comes tumbling down.  Then we are free to pass from death to life, from denying our relationship with God to celebrating it.”  (Author unknown)

I dreamed about Ms. L., that she came back.  She was skinny from being stressed out.  She had a Lexus and she let me drive it. (Note:  When she did come back in December, she had shingles!)

After typing, it was mail call. Sherrie said, “Let’s go Katie”. I said, “Yeah, I’m getting legal mail,” and sure enough I did!  The government had 15 pages, not 5 like they said, and their argument was good.  So, here’s the test… I told Hulda that God had orchestrated this whole thing for my benefit, so I will come out the other side with great faith… the kind of faith that will move mountains! Thank you, Father.  Then, I asked Rochelle and Missy to put themselves in my place. If God gave them an actual date that they were going to get out of federal prison and then it happened, would their level of faith leap up?  Of course, the answer was, “YES”. 

If you know my story, you know that hearing from God is key to my personal growth and the growth of my ministry. These were my first small steps at growing my faith muscles!! Think back about your life. What has God done to help grow your faith? Do you have miracle testimonies that have caused you to have “mountain-moving” faith? Tell us one of them!

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Paula Darosa
Posted at 18:34h, 10 January Reply

My grandson was released from prison Dec.18,2020 Hallelujah ,he was in prison for two and a half years ,he was home for Christmas 💕🙌✝️🙏

Tobi de Lange
Posted at 19:41h, 08 January Reply

We must forgive everyone who have heart us in our life's, it is not always easy but it must be done. Because through that we will save ourselve and we will grow in our relationship God Jesus Christ. God will never leave us or forsake us, God will always keep us on the right road. And Jesus Christ will protect us again all evil in life. WE HAVE I REAL GOD AND THAT IS JESUS CHRIST. GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. THE 3 IN 1 ONLY GOD THAT IS FOR REAL AND THE ONLY GOD THAT IS ALIVE. I THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN !!

Maureen Kamukwede
Posted at 16:25h, 08 January Reply

Hi Katie. I thank God for you and your ministry. I became a partner in Aug 2020 and have seen what I call an acceleration in breakthroughs, personal growth and a coming together of what seemed like disjointed pieces of the puzzle for years. Thank you for mentoring me in the spirit through your teachings. One of the many miracles is healing of my soul and physical body from inflammation of the body from the head to the soles of my feet., fatigue, food intolerance, lack of sleep, torment of the soul. The list is endless but through your teaching on interpreting dreams going to bed is now an adventure with God. With insight through dreams my prayers are now specific and directed for breakthrough. Victory is certain. Glory to Jesus!! God bless you Katie and team

Janet Olwage
Posted at 15:21h, 08 January Reply

Dear Katie Wow, what an encouraging message :) I was married for 20 years and was subject to physical and mental abuse, and added to that, i couldn't conceive another child (i had one child already). I divorced him (we were not equally yoked), and his lies and deception caused my sister and brother and some friends to 'go over onto his side'. I became very bitter, angry and resentful against him. I started reaching out to God and one day I decided to kneel down and pray and REPENT for ALL my unforgiveness, bitterness and anger towards my ex-husband. I made a decision there and then to FORGIVE him. What happened after that was truly a "miracle". He didn't know that I had forgiven him, as this was between me and God, but something shifted in the atmosphere, that when I did see him, he started to hug me, and to this day 12 years later, he still sends me birthday wishes, and Mother's Day wishes. It was my daughter's 40th birthday on Friday 1 January 2021, and we invited him for lunch, and he gave a lovely speech including me in the speech and my contributions towards raising our daughter. God is SOO faithful to His Word, and He can redeem and heal a seemingly impossible situation. Love in Christ, Janet Olwage

Posted at 05:31h, 08 January Reply

Hi Katie.. Wow, this was real faith at work. I have had some good instances of testimonies too but my Greatest one is that through Almighty God's Great Work, My wife underwent a splenectomy surgery where by doctors had assured us that blood transfusion would have been a must since her full heamogram showed she was low on blood. The next thing we were told even her platelets were low and would be transfused too. The the most worrying part was the fact that she would need to be placed in ICU which as per the facility she was admitted into we knew that it would be millions of shilling which apparently we didn't have and even never knew how we could raise. Any way we sat down with my wife and agreed that we needed to sort health issues first and later we will see through God's hand how the rest will be sorted. We prayed to God and took consent on the surgery and my wife went in knowing that the insurance we had only catered for half of the initial surgery charges. If we were to get to ICU then that would have bee. another different story for the insurance doesn't support ICU charges. We can affirm that God's Grace is ever efficient, my wife came out of surgery safe, no transfusion done neither blood nor platelets. Then the best thing is that she never stepped the ICU too. God hears and answers prayers. We just need to pull our faith together and stand firm in Him and His works.

Rochelle Brown
Posted at 19:38h, 07 January Reply

I know God can move mountains But God sometimes it seems like he dont move mines I have been thru hell and hot water But God I still believe and trust in him because I shall live and shall not die.I will keep trusting God even tho after loosing my son @5 in 2013 I was mad @ God for not saving him But God I did repent and my life is still very Sad But only the strong survive I will never give up I'll keep holding on and trusting my God in Jesus Name Amen

Team Katie
Posted at 23:35h, 28 July

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure the short time you had with your son was enough to bless you deeply and I thank God for that. You absolutely have the right idea to stay strong in your belief in God. Fall deeper into Him and continue to seek after Him because your peace, salvation and freedom from this pain will be restored in the Lord. A former staff member wrote a blog called, “No God! Not my child!”. In this blog she explains how she lost her 4-year-old son and it completely wrecked her. But God never released His hold on her life and she never let go of Him. She realized that the only way to get through the loss of her son was to chase after God. I encourage you to read it as it may be a witness to your spirit. You should also consider getting Katie’s Made Perfect in Weakness and the Live Free teach and soak to help you. If you’d rather not purchase the products, try searching the subjects on Katie’s YouTube channel as either will surely be a blessing onto you. God bless

Moon Wiggins
Posted at 18:30h, 07 January Reply

In 2008 I went thru divorce and I have to move out from home in LA. I walked around my home every room and said no bye. And walked outside the front porch and pray to God . If He is real, stop TIME for me . More

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