Money Problems?

Lesson 5

I’m so proud of my assistant, Heidi. She recently got a new car. When she went car shopping, she had a major decision to make. There was a big difference in the payments for the decked out car. She could afford it, but it would be at the top end of her budget. She asked me, “Which one should I get?” I said, “Whichever one your soul feels peaceful about.”

If your soul is telling you, “I really must have that car with leather seats.” Then you better not get it. Am I saying God doesn’t want you to have leather seats? No, absolutely not. Maybe at this moment, you are not supposed to have a car with leather seats. You’re just supposed to have the brand new car that looks good and runs great. Perhaps later, you’ll get the Mercedes!

She told me, “I have peace about the cloth seats.” She brought it over to show us and said, “I don’t even care that it doesn’t have leather seats; this car is awesome.” She picked the one her soul said yes to, because her soul wasn’t lusting after it. As soon as she walked in the dealership, she told them, “I’m going to take this one.” Then they gave her a better discount, tinted her windows, and extended her warranty! She got all these blessings, because she went with the one her soul wasn’t lusting after.

I have a 2011 Kia Sportage that has the leather seat package, is sporty looking, and has dual moon roofs. People tell me all the time, “Katie, get a Benz. Get a BMW.” Why would I do that? I never drive my car. It’s got like 30,000 miles on it, and sits in the garage in the 117 degree Arizona heat.

God wants you to have good things, but sometimes you’re not supposed to buy the 5000 square foot house. You’re supposed to buy one that is 3000. And if your soul just has to have the 5000, then you better buy the 3000!

2 Chronicles 32 is the story about Hezekiah being surrounded by 185,000 bloodthirsty Assyrians that were threatening to take the people of Jerusalem into captivity, or put them under famine, making them eat their own feces and drink their own urine. This story is listed three places in the Bible – in 2 Chronicles, Isaiah, and in 2 Kings. Any story that is repeated that many times in the Bible is trying to tell us something!
What did Assyria want? They wanted money. One of the biggest things that idols take from you, is your money. They drive you to spend your money on them. This means that once you start spending your money on them, they do what the Bible says they’re going to do; they steal, kill, and destroy.
So, Assyria was coming after Jerusalem, and they wanted lots of money. Hezekiah went into his own stash, and then went into the temple of the Lord, stripped the pillars and the doors of their gold. He took the money, and the gold from the temple, and gave it to them. The Bible says you’re cursed with a curse if you rob the temple.

Well, he gave a ton of money, but that wasn’t good enough. You can pay off those idols all day long and it just won’t be enough. They always want more. It’s like buying a little gadget and it doesn’t bring you satisfaction, so you see the next little thing on TV. You buy it, but it doesn’t work; it’s a piece of junk. You don’t even bother to send it back. It sits in your garage and rots. You just keep on spending more and more money.
Now, at the same time, Hezekiah was sick unto death. He was told to put his household in order. So, he turned his face toward the wall, cried out to God, and God heard him. Then, the prophet Isaiah got a new word from the Lord. 2 Kings 20 tells us that the Lord said He will add 15 years to Hezekiah’s life, because the Lord had heard his cry, and heard his prayer. He will deliver Hezekiah and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria. The Lord will defend the city of Jerusalem. And this is a sign that He’s going to do it. He will cause the sunlight to go back 10 steps on the sundial of Ahaz.

The sunlight went back 10 steps, and God sent an Angel to take care of the Assyrians. All of the soldiers were found dead in their tents, and the king of Assyria went back to his own land, and was killed by his own sons.

Hezekiah got well, and lived for 15 more years. 2 Chronicles 32:27-29 (AMPC) says, “And Hezekiah had very great wealth and honor, and he made for himself treasuries for silver, gold, precious stones, spices, shields, and all kinds of attractive vessels. Storehouses also, for the increase of grain, vintage fruits, and oil, and stalls for all kinds of cattle, and sheepfolds. Moreover, he provided for himself cities and flocks and herds in abundance, for God had given him very great possessions.”

I’m already out of time! Next week, we will see why Hezekiah got such a cosmic level miracle. Catch you then!

Big Love,

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  • Sheri Riggs

    Please pray for marriage Don and Sheri Riggs

  • Teresa Guzman

    Yayyy Celebrations for Heidi so phenomenal! Congratulations on your new set of wheels! So good to hear testimonies of Gods people prospering in their lives, so many blessings are the evidence of hard work and perseverance in the Lord! Hallelujah!
    Katie thank you for sharing details of these dangers of idols in our souls and to lean towards the things of God and reap heavenly increases only God can enrich us with, through obedience. Super excited to hear next blog on this topic!

  • Jim

    Great teaching

  • Lawson

    Bless you Katie for all your Holy Spirit inspired teachings. Look forward to next week’s blog. Y’all have a splendid weekend #Shalom

  • Michal Romero

    Thank You so very much Katie for your insight, its helps me so much. 2018 was a bust for me. I lost truck to crash, place that I was at sold from under me, got injured at work and then and then they let me go.. Maybe its something I cant see. I’ve confessed everything you could imagine. Maybe there’s something that I’m overlooking that you could help me with. Thanks in advance.

  • Assunta

    Praise GOD. The longing in our souls can only be filled by the spirit of God. Not by any human idol or possessions.As the Lord delivered Hezekiah and rewarded him with an extented life, so will he do unto me. I HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH IDOLS ANYMORE..

  • Houston Ray Hardimon

    Katie, I am tired of living, paycheck to paycheck. Just barely getting bye. I have been in church for 14 years and Faithly, tithing and giving. When, When is my breakthrough coming?? It has been hard. In 2012, I lost my job of 17 years. I lost everything, house and car. It has been rough just trying to get back on my feet again. Pray for me.

    • Team Katie

      We are standing with you in prayer! Please know you can always call our prayer line at 520.568.9952 or email us at