Miracles While You Sleep

I’ve had such a wonderful experience with madam Katie’s teaching Miracles While You Sleep. This YouTube video was published on Sept 16 2016. And I watched it this year 2019. I had a genital problem (pain) which was required an operation according to the surgeon I spoke to. He told me to come the next day for the operation. But my parents wanted me to get a second opinion in another city, which the surgeon commented on as “risking my future in starting a family” and that it needed to be done very soon, i.e the next day. On the day, I didn’t go to that operation in faith.  I watched this teaching and on the night of the operation day.  I put Psalm 31 on repeat on Audio Bible because that was the word (seed) the Lord gave me to scatter. And In the dream I killed this man who wanted to tamper with the same affected part of my body. Glory to the most high. On another later occasion, I put another word given to me on repeat as Katie taught. It was Ephesians chapter 3, and in the dream for this one, I beat up a girl who also had something do with the affected part of my genitals… Now I even forgot about it because I think it is safe to say that the pain is completely gone!!! The word is everything to us, Amen – E.K.

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