Miracles Abound Grace Surrounds

I have known about your Ministry for years. I have watched a friends life and marriage change through your teaching and soaking resources. She would tell me about them all the time. I even tried it once but didn’t get it anywhere. Then I had a dream after watching your communion stream on YouTube. I dreamed you were on stage and and I was in your audience. I had my hands raised and the Holy Spirit flooded me with his presence just as you were saying in the dream as clear as day that God is right now healing mental disorders and depression. A couple of days later I seen a new video of yours and decided to watch it. At first I was not finding myself interested but you kept talking about seeing the numbers 111 …I wanted to turn you off…but right then I looked down to see how much time I had before work and it was 1:11. I was like OK God you have my attention. I was delivered that day from wounds I had in common with Legion. I felt the Holy Spirit all over me and then just as in the dream it was just like I was there…you said God is healing mental disorders, anxiety and depression. I was crying and instantly delivered. I never felt my soul so quiet …never experienced a quiet soul like now. I have battled with these wounds all my life to the point of taking medication. I am getting my soul healed like crazy and I now feel so close to Jesus. Closer then ever!!! Miracles abound…Grace surrounds…God Bless you for what you do and how you minister to prisoners it melts my heart. I want to help too. I’m soaking everyone lol. I am digging deeper…going to spend 5 months focusing on Jesus as you suggested. I am praying to God for more healing. Thank you! -A. B.

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  • Amitabh Verma

    I’ve lost many of my teeth & few more are broken. Pray for me that God gives me all the new 32 teeth- all 32 new ones. Also my right collar bone is fractured due to an accident. So pray that God gives me a new collarbone.
    Finally pray God answers all my personal prayers I prayed on 24th August, 2019 & on 25th January, 2020, for the restoration of my mother, wife, flat, money which I lost in 2015.

  • Sarah Wittwer

    Hello my name is Sarah and im 21 years old and live in Australia. I saw a video where katie prayed for a woman who was bald and her hair grew back. This greatly encouraged me because last year my hair was bleached and it got so damaged and went a horrible colour and texture. It has made me so insecure. Whats worse is it’s barely grown out in a year. I have struggled with body dismorphia since I was young and had anorexia from 12 to 15 years old. Having ruined hair has made me so much more incredibly insecure and has brought back a new intensity of body dismorphia. Surfing helped me when recovering from anorexia and I’ve even stopped surfing after my hair got bleached because I’m worried about damaging my hair even more from the salt and surf. Please can you pray God restores my hair. My hair used to bring me so much confidence and I feel so sad everyday and so regretful that I bleached it. I really hope God will do a creative miracle and restore my hair completely.

  • Mary A Dickens

    I heard of your Ministry through YouTube.I ask that you pray for my hair to grow in the back. I received a bad hair cut and my want grow back as long and thick as it was before the haircut. Pray for my bladder/kidneys be healed and made whole in Jesus name Amen.

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