Ministering The Gospel

Every Tuesday night I go to a women rehab corrections facility in Flint MI to share the gospel. Up until Expected End Ministries sent me some study books for this class I was loosely using, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. In the class last night I had the ladies repeat a decree with me out of the Soul Decree book. And then we read the first chapter of the study guide you sent. It was Katie’s story.  At this class a new young woman came in. She was well dressed, well spoken, very attractive, and sat right next to me. As we read through the first chapter together the girls were sharing from their own lives the way’s this story was speaking to them.  As we ended the new young lady showed me her hand that had a burn on it. She said, I was thinking I should probably come to this class and then we started reading this story and I knew I was supposed to be here. This burn is from me cooking meth. I got caught cooking.  I hugged that sweet girl and told her how blessed we are to have her come and how God has an expected end for her to keep coming.  I just wanted to share that with you. Blessings, A.H.

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