Made Perfect In Weakness

I just want to thank you for your precious ministry.  It made a huge impact on my life when I purchased your Healing School CD Set.  I was so excited about them, I was able to convince my father who was not a Christian at the time to listen to them.  It was not something he would normally have done but because he was having some severe dementia-type issues, he was desperate.  He didn’t have much to say after he listened to the CD’s but he eventually did personally experience the presence of the living Christ and became a redeemed man.  His struggle with dementia continued up until he died a couple weeks ago.  Before he died, he told me that the CD’s I gave him were instrumental in his understanding of God’s grace.  It was the first time he realized he needed Jesus and how to receive Christ’s love as a gift. My father had always worked so hard for everything.  This was truly revolutionary news to him even though he had heard the gospel throughout his life. Seeing him come to this realization was an amazing miracle.  Losing him is tough.  But knowing he is enjoying eternal life is worth the loss.  I am so grateful for the anointing on your ministry that was able to get through my father’s hardened heart despite the dementia issues.” -Kelly

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