Lump on my head and depression gone!!

Hello Katie and ministry team. I began watching you, I think on Sid Roth or Facebook. I’m not sure which one. I’d watched on and off for many years and watched the healing testimonies and was so blessed by them. But I really wanted to see the Lord move in my own life too. I’ve battled sin, sickness in my mind, and body and trauma for most of my adult life. Many times I’d grown so weary of the battle that I’d want to give up. But I kept pressing because the Holy Spirit was drawing me closer to him and the healing that the Lord wanted to do in my heart. I’d actually plead with the Lord for a new heart. One that was pure and holy for him often without results. I’d still be bound. I watched the Resurrection Sunday service but I wasn’t on the live broadcast. I had the SOAKING for your soul parts 1 and 2 saved on YouTube and on a particularly bad day when I felt like the enemy was putting depression on me I listened to it all day and when I got up the depression was gone. I had purchased Healing for the Wounded Soul book and I had begun to read it prior to all of this happening but I didn’t finish it. The Holy Spirit reminded me and led me to continue reading it. I can’t say I felt any different right away but I began to pray the prayers and make the decrees daily. For about a week to two weeks. I continued to trust God through all of my circumstances. He began to show me the sins that were separating me from him. So I began to confess them to him. It was fierce at times but I allowed the Holy Spirit to have his way. In all of this, I was having trouble sleeping and the Holy Spirit reminded me about the SOAKING online so I listened to them and fell asleep like a baby. When I got up, I tuned into Katie and Dr. Barbara Lowe and honestly, I thought this lady is a bit too much with her WW cape but I kept watching. ( By the way, I’m rejoicing in the cape club now! Lol )I HAD a lump on my head about the size of a small rock maybe an inch wide and a quarter-inch thick. It was horrible because I’d try to hide it because it was visible on the top of my head. I’d prayed over it many times even pressed on it to get it down (like that would work). While you guys were praying for us to be free from death that lump dissolved under my finger. It’s just the size of a small pea now not even visible. I know the whole thing is going to be gone including the two others that are small. Now, I kept praying and seeking the Lord’s face for healing in my mind and body. I was very weak. I’m not sure where it came from. I did fall down the steps face first last year and the Lord kept me from any major harm. But upstairs was hard. My legs felt very heavy and I limped often taking one step at a time. Well let me tell you, today, I grabbed my two grocery bags and walked up with them and didn’t limp at all. I was talking with a brother in the Lord on the phone and came downtown the stairs with a large basket full of clothing with both hands and ease. In the past, I would never have done it. Especially on the phone (I was wearing earphones and my phone was in my pocket). It was amazing!!! I can’t believe it. I had just got done listening to Matt Sorger an anointed man of God and he prayed impartation and there’s been such a shift in my life. I know your ministry laid the groundwork and foundation for me to receive more of the Holy Spirit and fire to do the good works of the Lord!!! Thank you for being a faithful steward and for pressing in during this time. It’s changing lives. Love ❤️ you!!!! -P.K

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