Locked Up in My Mind; Set Free because of a Prison

Katie recently came to Columbia MS to a prison where I’m employed. I heard her testimony and life events though the struggles and mistakes that she made. I could only watch as I was at work. I really felt moved in my soul because I was a severely damaged child that grew up in a highly abusive atmosphere. I was exposed to the underworld that the devil thrives in. Most things I was put through I really don’t want to type. I spent my whole life filling a bottomless pit with self-pity, medications, anger and most of all a longing for death. I bounced from job to job in and out of marriages, and would purposely hurt anyone who tried to care for me. I was fighting with generational curses, demons, and my flesh and never had a clue. I did not believe in God and certainly didn’t believe in prayer. Long story short, I began working in jails and prisons and felt at home. Pretty much like I belonged there. I was doing hard time in the stronghold the devil had in my mind so the job just seem to fit. One day I had to receive some parent counseling (court ordered) so I came to work taking about how expensive it was. The Warden of my prison is also a Pastor. He said he would counsel me for free if I would sit in on a bible study. I did and that night Jesus came into my life and I submitted myself to Christ. I now know God let me fight the battles I fought so I could understand and help the inmates and offenders that I now guard. It’s weird, but I relate to Katie because I was locked up my whole life in mind and set free because of a prison. I have a huge story and wish I could tell it but I have to end this here. She just made me want to share so much testimony. She signed and gave me a book and it was a very nice gesture. Thanks for your time. Capt. J. May

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