Living Among The Tombs

Lesson 4

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. Or, is that just me?

Consider the man Jesus encountered, as recorded in Mark, chapter 5. The guy was completely under the control of Legion and there was a reason, which concerned his soul. In Mark 5:2, we read, “When Jesus came out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit. He had his dwelling among the tombs….” In verse five, we read, “…night and day, he was among the tombs.”

Now, the Bible notes three times the man was living among the tombs. When the Bible says something three times, you should listen. It is similar to Jesus saying “Verily, verily I say unto you.” The Bible is pointing out something important, with emphasis. It is telling us, “Look at this, look at this, look at this!” So when I continued to read the word “tombs,” I thought I should know exactly what it means. Well, it means “to recall or to remember.” That is what a tombstone does, right? It causes us to recall or remember someone’s life, for example.

Get this. A soul wound does the same thing. It is a tombstone.

A soul wound causes us to recall and remember painful experiences we endured, possibly many years ago. It is likely you do not even realize it, but that painful event or that sin that wounded you is controlling you. It is a tombstone inside of you, causing you to recall and remember, maybe even relive the hurt, in great detail. The circumstance that caused the wound sits there inside your soul, marking the hurt.

Have you ever visited, or at least seen a picture of an old cemetery? Those granite tombstones endure all manner of weather year after year. They may become discolored and covered in moss, but the original inscriptions are usually readable, even centuries after they were inscribed.

In the days Jesus’ encountered this man, wealthy families had tombs carved from rock. They had solid walls and solid rock lids, two or three inches thick. In that part of the world, many of those tombs still exist intact, 2,000 years later.

Three times the Bible says the demoniac was living among the tombs. He was living out of the wounds of his past. I believe that’s one reason Legion had the right to afflict him.

In verse 3, it says, “he was dwelling among the tombs.” Taking a close look at the word “dwell” we see, in Strong’s Dictionary, it’s a metaphor for “divine powers and influences that are said to dwell in the soul, to pervade, to prompt, and to govern it.”

Wow! That man was under the control of Legion because he was dwelling among the tombs. He was dwelling in the wounds of his past, which gave Legion the right to pervade, to prompt, and to govern and control his soul and the rest of his being.

It is possible we are dwelling among the tombs. We may not be aware, but we have wounds inside us. Here’s some great news. We could have wounds that were passed down from our ancestors. You could be dealing with a wound that came from Mom or Dad, Grandma, or Great-grandma.

You could be dealing with a wound you received when you were a child, one you stuffed into your subconscious or blocked so you don’t even remember. You could be dealing with a wound that happened when someone sinned against you and, even though you’ve forgiven them, the wound never healed.

That wound allows demonic powers to afflict you. You’re dwelling among your personal tombs. It allows spirits like Legion to pervade and to govern and to influence and control your life because of what is in your soul.

Take some time to consider whether you are dwelling among your own tombs. Ask God to bring to your memory those past hurts that caused wounds in your soul. Think about offenses you have endured. How clearly can you recall the details, the words spoken against you? What about a failed relationship? Even after many years, are you able to remember shaming words or actions that affected your life? When you remember, do those old feelings rise up?

If so, you are among the tombs. You have a soul wound that is an open door to all manner of problems.

There is hope, my friend. Your soul can and will be healed, if that is what you desire. More to come, Katie

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  • Lorraine F Seiler

    Don’t leave me hanging here. May I grieve this pain and move forward.

    • Robert Souza

      You may indeed. Stayed tuned to more lessons following and you may also checkout some of our video episodes on our website under the watch tab for even more teaching on these things. Enjoy!

  • Claudia

    Katie,I am looking forward to you one day coming to Germany. I got to know your name from Greg Violi Ministries. I am blessed by so many things you share. I want more of Jesus and I don’t want to be stuck in my past hurts.
    God bless you, Claudia

  • Lisa Letto

    The revelation of Tombs has revolutionized my life.

    • Robert Souza

      That is awesome Lisa 🙂

  • Harvey

    So Good! Great revelation and I will ask God to bring up past hurts in my life to set me free to be the real me in Jesus Christ. Amen!

    • Robert Souza


  • Laura Stonitsch

    I have read and studied this passage but never thought about it with the revelation you shared. Thank you!

  • Elle

    Hi there, Thank you for addressing such a critical subject. Man, did I need to understand this principle. Thank you Katie {+ Robert}. I can’t wait to see who God intended me to be, as my soul is healed… {and prospers}!

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