Livestock Delivered of Legion and Healed

Hello.  Before the testimony, let me give you a little background: I’m a sixth year PhD student at Yale University in the Molecular Biology department. I do genetics and embryological development research in axolotls, a species salamander from Mexico. The reason we study axolotls is that they are extremely gifted at regenerating most parts of their body. They can regenerate complete limbs, tails, and up to a third of their brain scar-free! Part of my project is to answer the question, “what kinds of genes enable them to regenerate so well?” To do this, I perform a small set of genetic and tissue grafting procedures on axolotl embryos in order to prepare them for a final, non-lethal experiment six months later that lets me answer that question. Since January of 2018, nearly every single embryo that I’ve produced for my research has mysteriously died a violent death that resembles a bacterial or fungal infection. Of course, being a Spirit-filled Christian, I was constantly praying for my embryos. Before January 2018, viability was around 25%, which meant I had to put in four times as much work in order get what I needed. This year, the two times that I prayed in agreement with someone over the phone for the embryos and animals, there was a sudden burst in viability. However, the bursts in viability only seemed to last about a week. Overall, viability has been below 5% for the last 7 months. No change in protocol and no amount or combination of powerful antibiotics or antifungals has made any difference. Thousands of embryos have died and hundreds of hours of work completely wasted. Many 70-hour work weeks were completely lost overnight.

On top of that, in January of 2018, several friends suddenly betrayed me and left me completely heart broken. The memories and bitterness of conversations of their betrayal were so vivid that it was as though someone were playing an HD recording in my mind all day, every day. Devastated after years of loss and increasingly closer to not completing my PhD, I screamed out to God to tell me what was going on. A few nights later, in March 2018, I had a dream in which I saw the incubator holding all of the axolotl embryos. Inside of it, I saw a dark sheath with evil eyes envelope the baby axolotls. It choked, squeezed, and crushed them all until they were dead. I woke up and I knew what God is saying to me. He was saying that it was a spirit killing my stuff! On July 9, 2018, I came across Katie Souza. I really liked her teaching and prayer style for inner healing because it was exactly what I needed. I needed REAL answers from God. I started to look into scriptures on prosperity, because everything I had seemed destitute…especially with my thesis, which I knew God had personally called me into. Why would He call me into this PhD only to leave me to flounder, fail, and be embarrassed for years among my peers? Would God do that? Now, I don’t think He would. Through Katie Souza‘s revelation on “prospering even as one’s soul prospers,” God began immensely healing my unbelief, my mind, and all of the disappointment in my soul. I couldn’t even recall one of the scriptures on prosperity without crying for hours. I followed along with all of her prayers and would often spend entire days crying as God healed me. Interestingly, I had already listened to Katie’s sermons on Legion. Nothing really clicked for me, but I knew that I had had the spirits of Legion at least one time in my life; just a couple of weeks before I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. In July 2016, a massive wave of demonic force came upon me and into my house. Dozens of voices plowed their way into my mind and spoke to me simultaneously for weeks. It was absolute torture, and it’s a miracle itself that I didn’t literally lose my mind or do something worse. The voices all claim to be the Holy Spirit, and when I became sure that they weren’t the Holy Spirit, I asked them what they were. They all responded in unison, “LEGION.”

On July 17, 2018, after a very unsettling meeting with my boss about my lack of progress, I was immensely grieved in my spirit. I couldn’t understand why God still wouldn’t prosper my lab work and I was contemplating dropping out of the program because it was so embarrassing. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was God allowing this to happen or solely the enemy after me. I tried to put this situation into as biblical of a context as possible. In a scriptural context, my lab embryos would be the equivalent of my livestock. I take care of them, raise them, feed them, and they are my source of livelihood. That night, before I went to sleep, I asked God, ‘what kind of curse or spirit would be responsible for killing my livestock?’ I tried to sleep that night, but was so vexed in my spirit that I woke up every hour and had to pray in tongues and to ask the same question again and again and again. I could not stay asleep until I persisted in prayer and continued asking the Lord what kind of spirit would do this. When I woke up the next morning, a very prophetic friend of mine that very rarely reaches out to me sent me a message. It was a four-minute video clip by Pastor Steven Furtick on why Legion killed the pigs after they were cast out of the demoniac. As I listened, it finally clicked with me; Legion killed livestock after he was cast out of a man. I was once very tormented by Legion, and now my livestock were dying. He had been (mostly) cast out of me and went straight into my animals for the last two years. After watching the video, I opened up my email and saw a new email from the Elijah List, a prophetic email list that God had been using greatly in my life. The email just happened to be from Katie Souza and it was ALL about Legion. God answered my prayer! I knew that He was saying that it was Legion killing my poor animals!!! The next day, I spent my entire day listening to and re-listening to all of Katie’s sermons available on YouTube about Legion, walking through the prayers, and doing exactly what she told me to do. I wept uncontrollably at times as I revisited tombs of my friends betraying me earlier that year. I was also unaware of how many tombs of trauma I had developed from all the schizophrenia, bipolar, and witchcraft that used to regularly visit and afflict me. (I was completely delivered of schizophrenia, bipolar, and those other spirits just a couple of months before, but that is another testimony!)

I continued to listen to and walk through the prayers with Katie the next day as well. After praying like this for two days, God COMPLETELY healed me of ALL the flashbacks about my friends and TOTALLY healed me of the trauma from the spiritual warfare and bouts with mental illness from the last two years! Praise God! Finally, at the end of the day on Friday, I brought one of my friends into the lab room where we housed all of the baby axolotls and embryos. We prayed together, commanded healing to enter our soul tombs, and then I commanded Legion to get out of my embryos, go into the roaches in the basement floor of the building, and never come back! A couple of days went by and none of my embryos had died. However, they usually don’t perish until about the third or fourth day after I acquire them. I asked God to please send me confirmation that everything had been taken care of, because I needed to know if I should get more embryos or not. I needed to prepare for the onslaught if there was going to be one. I just didn’t have the time to wait. Over the course of three nights, I had three dreams sent from the Lord to tell me what had happened. In the first dream I was sitting in the lab room with at my microscope. I saw all of the embryos that I had worked on that week sitting on the lab bench next to me. They were very big and very healthy. I looked at them and knew that every single one was going to survive. My boss, sitting next to me, looked at me and said, “I want you to work on this this week! “ (God wanted me to focus on my work).

The next night, I entered into a dream in which I walked out of my house into a GIANT pig barn at the local fairgrounds. As I walked into the pig barn, I saw that all the pigs have been taken out for show. The entire barn had been swept very clean and gates were put up to make a pathway for humans to walk through the barn so that no pigs would gain entry to the barn again. All of the pigs (representing Legion), had been removed. The demons were cast out! The next night I entered into another dream in which I sat up in my bed, looked over to my side and saw my friend Ruthie sitting next to me. I spoke to her and said, “I cast out the demons from my lab, and every single embryo is now going to survive! I want to cover all 60 of the genes for my project, but it is difficult because of the exhaustion from getting attacked between 2 and 4 AM every night.” During the week in which I received these dreams, the mental battle was great. I was constantly being assaulted by spirits telling me that my embryos were going to die and that Legion was going to come back. Instead of agreeing, I took the prophecies that I had received in the dreams and continued to declare them all day over my animals, just as Paul instructed in 1 Timothy 1:18. I also asked God for a scriptural promise for the health of my animals, and he very promptly gave me Psalm 107:38 – “Also He blesses them so that they multiply greatly, And He does not let the number of their cattle decrease.”  By the end of the week, it was just as the Lord had spoken: not a single embryo died. Over 120 healthy embryos were produced in those two weeks leading up to this deliverance. In two weeks, I made more viable embryos than I have in the last two years COMBINED. It is the most miraculous thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life! …and I’ve seen a lot of physical healings! I won’t get into the science about it, but God made the conditions of the embryos so completely and perfectly sterile, that certain cell culture phenomenon that would be extremely difficult to achieve even in the most ideal conditions were occurring abundantly with my embryos. These embryos grew up into strong and exceptionally healthy tadpoles. Even the lab tech, who daily feeds all of the tadpoles and adult animals, asked me, “why is this batch of tadpoles so healthy and strong???” And that was without me saying anything to her about the deliverance!!!

Now, I’m finishing up trying to get the rest of the project in order and getting the rest of the embryos/animals that I need to essentially redo my entire thesis project in just a couple of weeks. I really need a lot of God’s help…I know that it is possible with God, and He has spoken several exceptional things to me in dreams. Now I know that all of the years of resistance in my research was spiritually rooted. I need a couple of more miracles to make up for the years of work that the enemy has stolen from me… and I know that God won’t bring this project halfway through the delivery and then abort it. I’m still facing a lot of spiritual resistance that is trying to hinder my work, and I would definitely appreciate any prayer for the rest of the miraculous work to be done. I hope this blesses you and the several farmers and animal breeders that I know are suffering massive losses of their livestock due to random sicknesses and diseases that can’t seem to be treated…The biology is rooted in the spiritual; not the other way around. You need to seek God for inner healing from your past and then cast the spirits out of your animals!  -L. S.

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