Listening and Re-listening

My whole household has been listening and re-listening to all you teach and soaking to your ‘soaks’ for years!!!! Of course you don’t know us, but we always refer to you as ‘Katie’ when referencing soaking times or dreams and such. And the Lord affectionately will say (if he is wanting me to soak in particular), “Go to turn on Katie”, meaning on my computer. My husband and I just moved to Indiana, from Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg VA, and we just recently went to a Battle for the Soul Tour in Chicago in August. In 2013, I went through a terrorizing and torturous…I don’t know….infirmity or affliction or what, the doctors did not know either, ….I will just say a thing. In my hearing it sounded like I was standing next to jet engines, literally, so I could not hear . My eyesight had been broken up completely like a kaleidoscope, so I could not see. I felt like a human gyroscope, because I would be in total blackness being pulled backward through a black hole at lightening speed, upside down, and spinning in 4 different directions at once. I could not tell where I was. Of course I could only scream and throw up until I passed out, shut down and started dying or I was in an ambulance and sedated. These started as episodes that increased in length and intensity almost the whole year till they finally would not stop and I was then kept in the hospital, sedated on 12 medications. I was pretty much just skin and bones, as I could not eat, nor sleep, nor live. I knew I was pretty much gone, and was in the spirit, or at times aware of being in the spirit and talking to the Lord and ready to go home. He did not say anything to me, instead I was, or felt like I was hidden, like in a cleft in a mountainside or shallow cave and I was aware of and could only partly see some huge battle going on. Something so huge, cause it was thousands upon thousands of what I assumed were demons and angels. At times I would hear our Pastor singing the song, “you do miracles so great”. And I wondered what it was all about. Cause I was fine in the spirit. 🙂  After several weeks this battle had been won and I woke up and there was the most intense quiet and peace. Though the black hole and torture were gone, it would be another week or so until I was actually miraculously healed in Pagosa Springs, Colorado through a John G. Lake healing room. My husband had made arrangements at the beginning of that year at a time share and plane tickets for the family in November. So he put me in a wheelchair, still with some meds and got me on that plane, thinking the hot springs would unlock my muscles, that were now frozen from the terror. Only to find out you can’t put someone in that condition in even a mild hot spring! I had two other episodes of just the spinning part, the second one lasting 14 hours. I could not sustain that either and was dying yet again. So my husband went to call an ambulance but saw the phone number for the healing room, and the people came and prayed for me, and I was absolutely healed and none of it has ever happened again.  But I spent the next three years in bed, because of the frozen muscles, and overcoming all the terrors, trauma fears, oppressions, and the trauma and anger of my husband. Taking back my ground and my life, completely alone, as far as people went. My husband had to go to work of course, and it so traumatized our friends, they deserted us. The Lord used teachings and audio books, including yours of course in those years. I wrote prayers, I declared and decreed the word for hours and hours all day. I soaked, I prayed, I cried, I went to the courtroom, I repented, forgave. when I was awake enough..what else do you do in bed day and night?!?!?! I lived in level 15 pain days and days at a time, and was of course having to take a muscle relaxer and tramadol.  So In August this year the Lord did actually tell me to go to Chicago to actually be in the meetings. My daughter had just gone to see you in Denver a few weeks before, and her right leg which was crooked from the hip down, was miraculously straightened out!!!! She was beside herself, in awe and crying, she didn’t even ask for it or expect it or was even thinking about it…at least consciously that she knew of. It completely changed lots of things in her life, and the Lord told her he was straightening out her walk in life, not just her leg.  Just a few days before my husband and I left for Chicago, the Lord was showing me ‘tombs’ I was still hanging around in, though he called them ‘self importance’. Plus I had been working on the character bent of false burden bearing for several months. So during those ministry times I was intensely healed of them. I had the fire and heat, and electric going on for at least 15-20 minutes. But the best part was the last session.  When I was 5 years old I fell on an angle iron and ripped my face open. I was called scar face, literally, until I was about 15 years old. I lived pretty much isolated, outcast and never really spoke to anyone. You can imagine what all that did.  I have gone through lots of healing and everything for all that on and off for a many years…and really what came in through that trauma. What was so wonderful was in that last session, I heard Jesus say…Wendy, come, come, come, come with me. So I went with Him and was walking with Him for a bit and then we were on His white horse. There were triangle shaped banners of greens, teal, white, pink and fuscia over the horse and the horse was decked out in those colors. We were galloping and he was laughing. I am watching this, but also participating in it….and I am a 5 year old girl on the horse with Him, with this particular checkered dress on that I liked and my black patent leather shoes. I am scared, but not of riding, just of what was happening to me from the accident. We just kept galloping on the horse through time, until I was laughing, and as I grew up into a beautiful young woman…up to around 28 years old. In the natural, I was standing in one of the back rows with my husband, burning on fire, sweating, and having the most agonizing pain coming out of the center of my chest. I was told to stand, and keep standing, cause I just wanted to lay down on the floor or at least sit down. It went on through the whole worship, till I just could not stand anymore and I was told I could lean on my husband. At that moment he actually put his arms around me and leaned me up against him. Later on I could actually feel a lightness and brightness in the center of my chest. Then when we got home the Lord gave me a dream from which he revealed the inner performance I had to put on in myself, that I was okay growing up like that, being by myself, and being called scar face and an outcast.  And I got healed and freed from all that, which was another character bent.  And since 2013 I have ‘heard’ in my right ear, talking, and or commotion going on non- stop.Sometimes it’s just 2 talking, sometimes lots of …..I would say people, but they are not human voices, and it certainly isn’t anything of God…so I am assuming demons, or some device or something. I just don’t know yet. Sometimes so loud, it is hard to hear. I came to the meetings wanting that to end, as I am still not sure all that it is. But I have been soaking it and all the gates in the midst, and it has gotten half as loud since the meetings! I am continuing to soak of course, and and will till it is gone!!!!  We, my husband, 2 daughters, son, myself, having been getting our sousl healed, and freed as we soak and our lives changed, and most desirous, closer to Jesus, and our Father, and Holy Spirit. Becoming our true identity and walking in our true destinies!!!!  When around 30 years old…I think it was about 1988 there was a song out called “Shine Jesus Shine”. That song so impacted me. The Lord began to wake me up in the night at 2:00am. I would start singing that song, and just saying….Jesus, shine on me, shine,Jesus, shine, shine your light into my soul and show me any sin, or anything you want. It took about 20 minutes of that and He would indeed show up and I would be with Him for several hours. I would be shown a soul wound, I would repent, forgive, cry, break agreements and what ever He told me, and I would get healed and delivered. This went on every night for 2 years. That was the beginning of my soaking experience. But I did not have any of the word to back up anything I experienced. And did not know enough to look for it in the scripture. I just believed what the word said, and it said it everywhere. I got freer and freer…but no one believed me and couldn’t understand how that could happen, even though I was in a charismatic church.  So when I heard your cds for the first time,( this is years later of course), I was so overjoyed that the Lord raised up someone who was teaching from the word how real this was, and how much Jesus wanted this….he paid for it all….why would He not!???  I gave your cds to anyone I could at the time and told them….this is what I have been trying to tell you….listen…listen..listen…it is true and real. I am so thankful for you, your husband and all your team, and all you do, all they do, truly a beautiful and wondrous for runner ministry, beautiful in unity and the carriers of Jesus. I so bless all of you and thank our Father for all of you, and delight in Jesus’ delight of you. -W. W.

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