Lesson 12

After my visitation by the angel wearing the bright yellow rain slicker with a curved-looking fisherman’s hat, it literally began raining in our conferences. First it was rain that we felt on our arms, almost as if someone was spitting on us. People were looking around like, “Hey man, was that you?” I tried to touch it because it felt wet and cold but there would be nothing there. Then, it changed to seeing big raindrops falling with our open eyes! Finally, it became actual wet raindrops coming down inside the building. We were in Oklahoma City when this first happened. The leather chairs that people were sitting on had wet rain spots on them! What we had been pressing in for in the spirit realm was manifesting in the natural! There were no open bottles of water around, and nobody was spitting (Except for me. I know I get a little excited when I teach)!

There was a woman at that meeting who had a Mercedes Benz. She gave me a ride, and while I was in the back seat praising God for the rain, I suddenly felt the rain hit me. I looked down and there were two wet raindrops on the seat of her Mercedes. (Sorry!) Later, that same woman came back to the meeting, and she felt two really cold, big, wet raindrops land on the corner of her eye (the window to her soul). Since then she has gotten major healings in the glory light of Jesus. Her life has completely shifted after being under assault for over 25 years. Her money had been stolen and her family separated from her. Now her family is coming back, her business is flourishing, and Patricia King and I were able to do a meeting with her in Oklahoma City, all because she got her soul healed and the rain hit her eye, the window to her soul!

One day, it rained in my house for two hours. I knew God wasn’t just doing this for the fun of it, though it was fun! I knew it meant something! The rain was a symbol of something, and I had this feeling it had to do with the soul; it had to be! So I did my little research. I went to my Bible application and typed in the word rain. I was dumbfounded by what came up: “And if you will diligently heed My commandments which I command you this day—to love the Lord your God and to serve Him with all your [mind and] heart and with your entire being— I will give the rain for your land in its season, the early rain and the latter rain, that you may gather in your grain, your new wine, and your oil..” Deuteronomy 11:13-14 (AMPC)

The symbol of rain is connected to the soul, and the healing of the soul. When we love the Lord our God and serve Him with all our [mind and] heart and with our entire being—He will give the rain for our land in its season, and He sends the RAIN! The rain is a supernatural sign and wonder that our soul is being healed!

When we have wounds in our soul, we can’t worship the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind, because our closets (that are supposed to be used for prayer and worship) are filled with soul wounds, and all they can think about is themselves! We sit and cry out, “Oh, I am in such pain, I am in agony, and the demons attached to me are tormenting me! I can’t worship You Lord! I can only feel this pain!” How wonderful that God gives us a way to overcome all this, and to have victory! When our soul is healed, God opens the heavens and sends the RAIN! He brings water into the dry places, and refreshes our soul! He brings healing rain, both in the spirit and in the natural, so we can see just how much He loves us. With the rain comes fertilization and the harvest comes. We are cleansed, renewed, refreshed, and changed. Rain is symbolic of the soul being healed. We are going to take all these symbols and many, many more and learn how to get our soul healed.

Please receive this impartation now:

In Jesus’ name, I release my seer anointing right now; the anointing that hunts down soul wounds. It’s the anointing that gives dreams and visions to hunt down a soul wound to get it healed in the glory light, to break off demonic powers and get the victory, to get signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and all kinds of breakthroughs in your finances, in your mind, and freedom from mental disorders. God is going to show you through your dreams and visions everything you need to know. I impart what I am carrying to you in the name of Jesus, right now, so that you can go and be completely healed in your soul and to help heal the souls of the people around you whom you love, in Jesus’ name.

Next time we will look at Legion and the dream symbol of worms!

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