Knees Of My Youth

Hey Katie. I live in the suburbs of Nairobi Kenya. I love Jesus Christ as my Lord & savior. On Monday afternoon (Kenyan time) the 26th of November I happened to bump into your program on Faith TV. I prayed with you for healing & restoration of my soul. My knees have been hurting every time I run for the past 2 to 3 years & I had completely stopped running which has been my favorite hobby since I was in my early 30’s. I used to do marathons then but I had completely given up on this. After we prayed together in my bedroom you asked that I do what I could not do before. Since I couldn’t go out & run immediately I postponed it but I still believed.. This morning I went out walking as I had begun doing due to the pain (also still a little fearful). Halfway through the walk I decided to check on my healing & guess what….. I’ve just completed a full kilometer without any pain whatsoever in my knees! The knees of my youth are back & I can enjoy my morning run again. Thank you JESUS. -K. N.

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